It's "Little People, Big World" twins Zach and Jeremy's birthday! The oldest Roloff siblings, who were born on May 10, 1990, are now 28 years old! This year is a very special birthday for the twins because this is the first time they're celebrating it as fathers. Zach welcomed his son, baby Jackson, on May 12 of last year, while Jeremy had Ember Jean on September 10. Zach and Jeremy were showered with so much love and greetings from their families and based on their social media posts, it looks like they had a blast on their special day!

Tori and Audrey send loving messages to their husbands

The first to greet the Roloff twins were their lovely wives, Tori and Audrey. The women publicly displayed their affection for their husbands and posted sweet birthday greetings on Instagram. Tori described Zach Roloff as her "favorite person on this planet" and thanked him for being patient and loving. On her IG Stories, Tori shared how she started the day by surprising Zach with a tray of breakfast in bed with a handwritten letter. How sweet! The couple then took a leisurely trip around the Roloff Farms, with baby Jackson in tow. "Watching you become a father this year has made me fall more deeply in love with you," Tori wrote in her touching tribute.

As for Jeremy, he also spent a quiet but memorable day with his wife Audrey and baby girl Ember. Audrey Roloff gave her fans a peek at how they spent the day truly low-key but just as special. The couple had a breakfast date at a rustic lodge and then went out to go hiking with baby Ember. Audrey also wrote a lengthy message for Jer on Instagram.

For the "LPBW" star, Jeremy is the "love of her life" and praised him for being the greatest dad to their adorable eight-month-old daughter

"You are the love of my life, my best friend, my adventure partner, my confidant, my tech support, my comedic relief and so much more! From the beginning, you've had such a strong connection with our daughter that makes my eyes water," Audrey gushed.

'LPBW' family greets Zach and Jeremy

While it seems that Zach and Jeremy chose to spend their birthday separately with just their wives and babies, Matt and Amy Roloff did not forget to send their own greetings and birthday wishes for their eldest sons. Matt posted an old family photo, showing the twins as teens. In the caption, the "Little People, Big World" patriarch stated that he's "very proud" to be their dad.

Amy shared more recent pictures of Zach and Jeremy cuddling their own babies. The 53-year-old grandma got a bit emotional and stated that her life "forever changed" when she gave birth to them 28 years ago. Catch new adventures of the Roloff Family on "Little People, Big World," Tuesdays at 9 PM on TLC.