Ryan Reynolds is producing a stoner version of the Christmas classic,"Home Alone," in which a man misses a ski trip, smokes dope, gets paranoid that he is being robbed, then discovers he, in fact, is getting robbed, and from that moment forward takes on the robbers McCauley Culkin-style. While the premise of "Stoned Alone" may seem to set up the cinematic landscape of the film to be ripe for endless zany stoner jokes, the movie's director, Augustine Frizzell, wants this pot-themed version of "Home Alone" to have emotional holiday depth at least equivalent to that of the John Hughes-scripted "Home Alone" original, reports Film.

Stoned Alone script will have emotional balance

Film director Frizzell and the scriptwriters are all fans of the original "Home Alone." Film reports that Frizzell, Reynolds, and the scriptwriters Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider all want "Stoned Alone" to have the same rounded emotional holiday feel as the original "Home Alone," but with a stoner twist. Frizzell is a huge fan of John Hughes and admires how Hughes could weave screwball comedy with emotional content. This complex weaving of a stoner comedy with holiday emotion per the original "Home Alone" is the grand design for "Stoned Alone."

Director Frizzell says the initial script by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider for "Stoned Alone" is absolutely hilarious, one of the most hilarious scripts she's ever read, but that it may require some emotional tweaking to provide balance for a holiday feature film comedy of the "Home Alone" style.

The idea is to create a film that will be funny and appealing to audiences across the social spectrum even with its theme of comic drug use. According to Film, Augustine Frizzell set a personal standard for successfully weaving comedy with character in "Never Goin' Back" and that she should be able to do the same with "Stoned Alone." Frizzell says the production team is in no rush and will continue working on the script until it's just right.

Stoned Alone producers will get the job done

The production team for "Stoned Alone" is unique and quirky, which lends credibility to the notion that they can, under Frizzell's stewardship, create a stoner comedy holiday film that appeals to broad audiences. In addition, social trends have led to increasing acceptance, legal and otherwise, of marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes.

But this "Home Alone" reboot production team includes persons like producer and social media icon Ryan Reynolds, who has a sense of humor and a penchant for exploring uncharted territory, like the popularization of pot and gin.

"Stoned Alone" may be about a stoner, but Reynolds himself seems to prefer gin to pot, so much so that, according to Popsugar, he purchased a large stake in a distillery called Aviation Gin. PopSugar reports that this makes Reynolds the first celebrity to invest in a brand of gin. Indeed, Reynolds seems to be a celebrity of firsts. As a producer of "Stoned Alone," he will be the first celebrity to make a Christmas classic like "Home Alone," put it on drugs, and then appeal to broad audiences with emotionally rounded holiday entertainment. Between them, Reynolds and Frizzell, along with the scriptwriters, are likely to come out with a holiday classic specially revamped for the 21st century.