The Hollywood Reporter announced that Ryan Reynolds has risen to the No. 1 spot on its Top Actors Chart. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Top Actors Chart ranks actors based on social media data acquired from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus. Before Reynolds ascended to the top of the chart, Donald Glover held the No. 1 position due to his promotion of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” Glover is now No. 2.

Ryan Reynolds has been active on social media

There may be a reason that Ryan Reynolds has risen to the top. Elle reports that he and wife Blake Lively have gotten flirty in a new Instagram comment exchange.

The flirty comments, however genuine, seem to be also a ploy to promote Reynolds’ new film, “Deadpool 2,” on social media. In a caption to a photograph of the husband and wife at the film’s premiere, Lively wrote that she had “seen it 3 times THIS WEEK…the movie, that is.” Reynolds then comments that Lively might want to tone things down, as their children will one day be able to read the saucy Instagram caption.

The Atlantic reports that the "Deadpool" film series is comic and designed to make fun of the superhero genre. In "Deadpool 2," Ryan Reynolds plays the title character and launches into a revenge quest after the murder of his girlfriend in the opening sequence. The Atlantic reports that "Deadpool 2," while comic, has a touch of nastiness throughout, and is very adult and violent, much like the comic series upon which it is based.

Ryan Reynolds has been open about his personal life

The star actor not only engages in racy banter with his wife on social media sites like Instagram but is also open about his personal life and struggles with other news media outlets. The Independent reports that Ryan Reynolds has used humor to cope with mental health issues, such as anxiety.

According to The Independent, Reynolds believes that much of his anxiety stems from a tumultuous childhood, and for some time he was actually estranged from his father, though they have since reconciled. Reynolds grew up in Canada and was born in 1976.

Like many acclaimed actors, Ryan Reynolds has personal struggles but has used his unique comic talents to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Reynold's openness about his life's struggles, his personal social media presence, and his role in the blockbuster "Deadpool 2" have likely all come together with great force to propel him to the No. 1 spot in The Hollywood Reporter's Top Actor Chart.