"Days Of Our Lives" fans know that the NBC soap opera has a knack for killing off iconic characters, and that is exactly what they plan on doing during May sweeps. Spoilers confirm that one Salem resident will lose their life this week, and viewers will be forced to say goodbye to yet another fan favorite actor.

Goodbye, Louise Sorel

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, fans will have to say goodbye to Vivian Alamain this week. The character will reportedly be shot and die at the hospital in surgery while doctors scramble to save her life.

This means that fan favorite actress Louise Sorel will take her final bow during the May 10 episode of "DOOL."

Vivian buried Carly alive in one of 'DOOL's' all-time great storylines

As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, Vivian Alamain has played a huge part in the soap opera's history. Although most recently she's been in the background of her son Stefan O. DiMera's schemes, Vivian is one of the show's all-time greatest female villains. As many viewers will remember, Vivian has had her hand in so many plots and schemes over the years, including burying Carly Manning alive in one of the soap's greatest storylines. Longtime viewers will recall that Vivian faked Carly's death, put her in a coffin six feet below the ground, and then tortured her in her final moments.

Thankfully, Carly's then-love, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), saved her at the very last minute.

The introduction of Stefan O. DiMera

Vivian Alamain also created a lifelong enemy out of Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts when she stole the then-couple's fertilized embryo and gave birth to their son, Philip Kiriakis. Most recently, "Days of our Lives" viewers watched as Vivian came back to Salem to introduce her son Stefan O.

DiMera (Tyler Christopher), whom she claims was fathered by Salem's all-time greatest villain, Stefano DiMera. The late Stefano seemingly never got to meet his son, Stefan, and Vivian revealed that the child had been taken from her shortly after his birth.

Stefan without Vivian

Now, Stefan has his hand in Salem's most shocking current storyline, the split personality disorder of Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller).

Stefan fell in love with Abby's alter-ego, Gabby, and tried his best to keep Gabby around, despite the fact that Abigail was seemingly lost forever. Now, "Days of our Lives" fans will see how Stefan does without his beloved mother (Vivian Alamain) in his corner.