“The Young and the Restless” fans already know Dina’s secret, but Jack is yet to find it out. Spoilers tease that it will be revealed to him soon, and it is going to shake the Abbott family. Meanwhile, Hilary had to come out clean with her ex.

Abbott family film screening ends in a disaster

On Monday on “The Young and the Restless,” Jack prepares for the screening of his mother’s film. He wants Dina to feel special, so he has been putting a lot of efforts for the event. He even rents a movie theater to screen the documentary. They are going to show a film featuring Dina’s legacy, and Abby tells Jack she is pleased to have the chance to do the project.

Later, Charlie came with the film and showed it to Jack. He likes it and thanked Charlie for a job well done. However, the next “Young and Restless” episode tease that the event will end up disastrously for the Abbott family.

According to Soaps.com, Jack will find out that he is not John’s son, and therefore, he’s not an Abbott. Jack will be shocked, especially that it comes out publicly. Kyle might have something to do with the revelation, given that he’s been spending quite a significant time with Dina. Not to mention that he’s been conspiring with Victor against his own father.

Spoilers for “The Young and the Restless” adds that Ashley will discover something that will incriminate Kyle. Meanwhile, Dina’s Alzheimer’s disease will worsen, and Jack will reach out to her.

Devon has a surprising response

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Devon accompanies Hilary for her checkup. She tries to make him leave, telling him that he probably has more important things to do. But Devon insists he wants to be there for her for their baby. When Hilary is about to tell him the truth, Dr. Chasen comes and comments that it’s good that the partner is there for the insemination.

“The Young and the Restless” spoilers said Devon will realize Hilary is not pregnant. Hilary says she mistakenly thought she’s pregnant and tells Devon she understands if he can’t forgive her and if he wants his sample to be destroyed. Devon says she should not have lied to him, but surprisingly, he still wants to proceed with the procedure.

Hilary is thrilled, and everything goes well. Devon even drives her home and tells her they are in this thing together. He wants to be a father, even if it means Simone might break up with him.

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