The latest updates and spoilers for "Daredevil" Season 3 reveal a new cast member playing the role of Matt Murdock's mortal enemy, Bullseye, in the show. The Hashtag Show reported that "The Young and The Restless" star Wilson Bethel is being eyed to play the notorious assassin and will likely give Daredevil a challenge that he has not faced before.

There are also new leaked behind-the-scenes photos of Matt Murdock wearing his old black suit in Season 3, courtesy of Instagram username lenottideldiavolo. The photos see actor Charlie Cox and the film crew shooting a stunt scene for the show and it is unknown if the scene is a flashback or in present time.

Bullseye confirmed

According to The Hashtag Show, Wilson Bethel's character was originally an unnamed FBI agent, but it appears to be a cover-up for his true motives as an assassin in the show. While the speculation has not been officially confirmed by Marvel, comic book fans have been waiting to see the show's version of Bullseye in the Netflix series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the comics, Bullseye is the archnemesis and rival of Daredevil, who originally worked as an assassin with Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Kingpin), along with Elektra. He is also responsible for killing Elektra during the battle wherein the latter stabbed her with her own weapon, and Matt witnessed the death of his beloved.

Since then these two would go all-out with each other proving who is better than who in their rivalry.

The show's star, Charlie Cox, told The Hollywood Reporter in a previous report that the plot of Season 3 will be based on the "Born Again" arc. The story will focus on Matt's return to Hell's Kitchen as he fights Wilson Fisk once again to stop his rise to the top of the criminal empire.

The story will also feature Matt's biological mother, Maggie, a church nun who nursed him to full health.

Maggie was first mentioned at the last part of "The Defenders" season finale, as Matt woke in a church and nun called the nuns name to inform her that he was conscious and okay. Kingpin will likely employ Bullseye to make Matt's life a living hell after he defeated him in the first season.

Back in black

The photos featuring Matt gearing up in his black suit come from the first season. It was his first outfit during his early years as a vigilante in Hell's Kitchen as he took out the Russians, the Triads, and the Yakuza in the city. These three organizations were led by the Kingpin and Matt has been crippling their operations, giving him the moniker "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen."

The outfit was destroyed during Matt's battle with The Hand member Nobu, as the brutality of his assault left his outfit bloodied and shredded beyond repair.