Last week we experienced the climactic reunion of Clarke and Bellamy, with Bellamy trying to negotiate with Charmaine for Clarke’s release. Of course, Charmaine is not generally the negotiating type, but after Bellamy finally convinces her that they are serious about killing the frozen Eligius prisoners back on the mothership and are able to do so, they strike a deal. Bellamy and Spacekru will release the frozen prisoners to Charmaine if Charmaine and company will help to unseal the bunker, where life as we saw in episode 2, was not going well.

The next part of the deal, which viewers know will never happen, is that the two parties will split the valley and coexist.

The bunker is unsealed

Once the deal is struck, Bellamy is allowed to see Clarke and their initial embrace is very touching. There is an obvious bond that has grown between them from the very start of the show that goes beyond romance. Clarke seems to have trouble believing it can be true, telling Bellamy, “You’re really here.”

Now it is time for reunion number two, as the bunker is finally unsealed. Bellamy is the first to enter and rappels straight into the bunker’s fighting pit where Kane has been the latest victor but is now refusing to kill anymore and Octavia is threatening then to kill him.

Octavia is stunned to see Bellamy standing before her and they quickly embrace. The joyous reunion does not last long as Bellamy and now Clarke, who has entered the bunker, look around horrified at the blood and skulls scattered around.

Clarke finds her mother, Abby, and clearly knows something is wrong with her, but there is no time to try and figure out what, as they need to get everyone out of the bunker and back to the outside world.

Bellamy asks Octavia, what has been going on and Octavia simply responds that it has been 6 years and things have changed. She also tells Bellamy that she does not trust the new people even with Bellamy’s supposed leverage.

In one of the best scenes of the episode, Bellamy makes sure to radio Raven that all is well on the ground and that Clarke is alive.

Murphy quickly grabs the radio and says, “and they call me the cockroach!”

The deal is broken

During the rescue from the bunker, Charmaine’s crew has been trying to regain control of their ships’ systems, but Raven and Murphy are blocking their efforts. Raven tells Murphy that she may not be able to pull the plug and they argue as to whether to try since Charmaine’s crew are trying to wake up all the frozen. It may be too late as the prisoners begin to wake up.

Back on the ground, Charmaine breaks the deal and says that the doctor (Abby) must come with them or they will be met with serious fire.

She says that the valley is theirs. Bellamy and Clarke refuse to give Abby up and radio Raven, but now there is no answer. Abby gives herself up and Kane decides to go with her. Charmaine’s men fire a shot as they take off for their landing ship to head back to the mothership were Raven and Murphy’s status is now unknown.