Brian Bird of "When Calls the Heart" announced big news today and now the Hearties know when their family reunion is going to be. This is a big get together for fans of the show. With Jack's death, you know they are going to have a lot to talk about this year! Fans are still really upset that Daniel Lissing is leaving the show and not coming back. Without Jack, the show will be different, but it will go on and be back for season six in 2019.

Plans for the big reunion

Brian went to his Twitter and said, "#Hearties here's your @WCTH_TV SATURDAY BOOM!

I hope you have your calendars out & piggy banks ready because.... This is your SAVE THE DATE for our 4th ANNUAL HEARTIES FAMILY REUNION! It's happening OCTOBER 19-21! REGISTRATION NEWS coming soon! Hope Valley blessings to you!" This is big news for the fans, but you can't register just yet. This is the fourth time they have done this and the show just finished its 5th season. It is great news that it will happen once again!

So far, he hasn't shared any other details. The fans want to know exactly where it will be there and what all is going on, but if you read comments people are already taking off work so they don't miss this big event for the Hearties.

What is at this reunion?

This reunion has a couple of things.

For one, it gives you the chance to meet with fans of "When Calls the Heart" and chat with them. You will find people that you would have never met in any other way and also connect with friends you may have made online from groups or using the hashtag #hearties.

So many people are passionate about this show, that it won't be hard for an event like this to end up selling out.

The Hearties love the show and want to do any events related to it.

You also never know who is going to show up. This is a great chance to meet some of the cast from the show and get your pictures taken or an autograph. Not everyone has been there in the past, though. It will be interesting to see who shows up. Hopefully, they can announce some of this before the fans actually buy their tickets.

It will give them a chance to make a decision on if they want to go.

Are you hoping to get a spot at the Hearties Family Reunion? Are you still having trouble getting over Jack's death? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss "When Calls the Heart" when it returns to Hallmark in 2019 with new episodes. That is a long time to wait on the show, but you know that they will do it justice when it returns once again.