On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital" the anticipated showdown between Jason and Henrik was everything fans were expecting. The situation was about to turn into a Mexican standoff but was averted by the intervention of Finn, Robert, and Sam. What began during the Nurses Ball came to a head on Pier 55. The truth about Henrik's identity, Valentin's deception, and the birth of Maxie's baby boy were all intertwined, and Port Charles residents were reeling from the night's events. Now the fate of Anna's son and Valentin are in question. They may be imprisoned or escape punishment for their crimes altogether as is often the case.

The final standoff put Anna against her son

After delivering Maxie's son on the side of the road, Peter August went to meet Anna on Pier 55. She told him she was his real mother, but he did not believe her. Peter pulled his gun on Anna, only to have Jason knock him out and draw his weapon on Henrik. Anna then pulls a gun on Jason and begs him not to kill her son. Finn, who overheard Sam and Spinelli discussing the location when Henrik was meeting Anna, texed it to Robert then went to the pier himself.

Finn interrupted the standoff and asked Jason and Anna to put down their weapons. He shows up just in time to put all the clues together, and soon police sirens can be heard in the background. Ann and Jason put their guns away just as Robert shows up and takes Peter away.

It all happened so fast, but things are not over because for Valentin and the man whose identity he kept hidden the drama is just beginning. Mr. Cassadine was taken to the PCPD but managed to be released on a technicality. He will not, however, be able to get away from the wrath of Nina and others in town.

The future looks bleak for Henrik and Valentin

The news has spread throughout Port Charles that Valentin has known of Henrik since birth. Nina is devastated, and Lulu is beyond shocked that Peter pulled off such a grand deception right under her nose. Maxie especially will be in shock to know that her deceased husband's brother is the one who delivered her son.

Anna is remorseful and told Finn that she is the one who set all of this in motion.

Nina will probably walk away from her husband again, and Peter may get some time in prison. The future looks pretty bleak for these two, but fans know it all could change. It's possible that Henrik may never spend a day in jail, but he will have to face the wrath of his sister in law and also deal with his mother. Valentin will be the villain once more, but viewers realize that he can be redeemed yet again, down the road.

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