Lala Kent and her man Randall Emmett seem to be doing great together. It took Lala awhile to admit who she was with, but now that the word is out everyone is talking about him. On the reunion of "Vanderpump Rules" this week they asked if everyone had met him and they all had great things to say about him. Now, Ariana Madix is sharing her thoughts on Lala's man.

Ariana shares her thoughts

On "Vanderpump Rules After Show" they were talking about Randall and everyone's thoughts. Scheana, Brittany and Ariana all spoke up about how great he was and none of them had one bad thing to say.

Ariana then told a story about how at lunch one time Randall was sitting across the table from Tom Sandoval. These two were bonding over the fact that they felt like they were dating their best friend.

As soon as Ariana Madix said this, Lala got a huge smile on her face. It is obvious she is head over heels for this guy. Ariana said she was listening in a bit, but didn't speak up to them asking for compliments. She thought it was so sweet. Ariana feels like Lala and Randall are great together and she does love how they baby each other.

She also shared that while in Las Vegas one time Lala got really drunk at like 11 pm and he took her to bed and stayed with her. Instead of going out partying, he was just taking care of her.

Lala explained he was holding her hair back while she was throwing up.

Brittany shares about the first time she met him

Brittany Cartwright then told a story about the first time that she met Randall Emmett. She said that Lala wanted them to meet so she brought her downstairs to meet him, but he had to leave fast. Brittany said all she got to say to him was that she liked his car.

It sounds like she has got to know him a lot better. Brittany is one of the girls who hasn't got a chance to go on his private jet yet.

When Randall and Lala first got together all that she would call him was "my man." She didn't want anyone to know who he was, but now the word is out. She has even been seen at big events with him and they aren't hiding it.

One thing is that it doesn't look like he wants anything to do with reality television. He is just living his life and enjoying himself and he has plenty to do without being on reality television.

Don't miss the rest of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion when it airs next Monday night on Bravo with Andy Cohen. So far, it has been full of drama, but these friends really do love each other even if it doesn't always look that way on the show.