Pink wrote the song “Perfect” when she was expecting her daughter, Willow. The anthem of affirmation was not only intended as a loving reminder of constant protection and love for the then-unborn beloved child, but also equally a reminder to the composer, herself, to let go of the continual voices labeling her as “less than” and causing her to second-guess every decision. Legions of ladies and people at large latched onto Pink’s ode to standing strong in love and identity, and the artistic and professional respect for her talent has only multiplied across genres, and with audiences across the globe.

Pink has always used her music to speak to human themes of resolve, respect, and overcoming. Anyone wanting schmoozing, sweet little ditties definitely needs to stay away from her catalog, because her blunt honesty about her own life, mistakes and regrets, comes through as forcefully as the fist of her critiques on social culture.

Within a matter of days, the mother and superstar has exhibited the very best behavior possible in moments of joy and exultation and unwarranted attack and responded with completely appropriate words and expressions.

Who’s the purple one?

While Twitter is a great platform for instant expression, no matter how true or invalid, it is also a fortress for all those who lack courage and decency, providing cover for their onslaughts of verbal bullets.

Avoiding social media is a near-necessity for anyone under the glare of a public spotlight, but as it happens, Pink was glancing at her Twitter feed back on May 16, as reported by Us magazine, and saw this glancing blow: “Wow Pink look so old that she should be named purple instead.”

In no time, Pink perfected her own response, never giving a centimeter of surrender.

Noting that the source “must be from la (Los Angeles),” the ageless and ever-limber artist responded that she was among “the few left in the world that choose to age naturally,” further elaborating that she had earned “every f******* minute of my 38 years,” and topping off with: “how you looking though?” Pink exquisitely noted that “I never heard of ya till you put my name in your mouth.

I shall call you little purple troll.”

Gaze of love

Loads of fan and celebrity friend support are flowing in for Pink and her perfect turn of the tables, but the singer would rather dote on the constant feed of photos and words from her family while out on the road, and she has a really sweet memory that remains, for all posterity, with a fan (Victoria Anthony) in Vancouver, from last weekend.

The 12-year-old had mounted a heartfelt campaign to sing on stage with the superstar she so admired and even got the news media to pay attention, but she wasn't sure that her idol noticed until a magical moment transpired.

Pink pointed out Victoria in the crowd, and asked, “Are you who I read about on the news?” The singer offered her microphone, and the next moments belonged to Victoria, as she sang “Perfect” to the woman who wrote the song, and whose loving eyes stayed fixated on the young fan.

“I’ll come to you,” Pink insisted after being assured that she had identified the proper member of the audience. “Don't pass out now,” she playfully admonished before introducing herself as Alecia. She told Victoria that she could sing any song she wanted, but it didn't take any time before her rendition of the perfect song for the moment was ringing to the rafters. Clearly so moved, Pink embraced the girl who was not far from her own age when she started in the business. “You're amazing. Never stop,” encouraged the star before turning to the stage again, with a final “Thank you” and “I love you.”

Pink proves that the true superstars are always glad to give up the spotlight for the right person, and are always glad to give from the heart.