Ever since Donald Trump has been elected president, there's been several individuals who have worked for the White House that have defended his every move. After one of the president's top assistants made yet another questionable claim, actor Alec Baldwin had seen enough.

Baldwin on Trump

It all started back when Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in the summer of 2016.

In the months that followed, those working on the campaign would go above and beyond to defend the former host of "The Apprentice," regardless of the evidence and facts that were being presented. After Trump's election win, his administration doubled down on their support and defense, with names like Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway finding themselves in controversial positions on an almost weekly basis.

The latest name to speak out for the president is Trump Special Assistant and current Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley.

Recently Gidley appeared on NPR radio and praised Trump ad nauseam, while later going on to claim that the United States was now 'respected" and "feared" because of Trump's alleged leadership. In response, "Saturday Night Live" actor and noted Trump critic Alec Baldwin couldn't help but lash out with tweets on May 13. "No one slings the bs like this guy, Hogan Gidley," Baldwin wrote.

In a previous tweet, Alec Baldwin continued his Twitter attack on Hogan Gidley. "Very good bullsh*t from Hogan Gidley today on NPR. Outstanding bullsh*t," Baldwin tweeted, before concluding, "Just...really great bullsh*t." Baldwin's remarks come as Trump's approval rating continues to hover around just 40 percent and showing no signs of improving.

Baldwin vs Trump

Alec Baldwin's criticism of the president started during the 2016 election when he was hired by "Saturday Night Live" to play a satirical role of Donald Trump. Baldwin's performance received rave reviews, but Trump wasn't a fan as he made a habit out of ripping into the show during his routine Twitter tirades. Since Trump was elected, Baldwin has continued to play the role on "SNL," but has also increased his activity on social media, often ripping into Trump and his administration over the policies put in place or the controversial remarks that have come out of the White House. With the 2020 election still two years away, it's unlikely that Baldwin will slow down his criticism anytime soon.