Ivanka Trump has been in the role of special assistant to her father, President Donald Trump, but mostly keeps a relatively low-profile. After tweeting about prison reform, critics of the administration were quick to push back at the ironic message.

Ivanka on Twitter

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president back in November 2016, questions have been raised in regards to the legitimacy of his victory over Hillary Clinton.

In the weeks after Election Day, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies concluded that Russia hacked into the election with the goal of putting Trump into the White House. Despite this, Trump and his team have been defiant in their denial, often repeating the phrase "no collusion" when addressing allegations that they have been in cahoots with the Kremlin. Since then, an investigation has been put together to look into the possible Trump-Russia connection, with special counsel Robert Mueller having already indicted dozens of current and past Trump associates.

With the controversy hanging over the head of the administration, Ivanka Trump decided to take to Twitter on May 11 and discuss the need for reform in the prison system.

"Prison Reform is critical to ensuring ex-offenders can successfully re-enter and prosper in our modern society," Ivanka tweeted out. "The passage of bipartisan legislation by the House Judiciary Committee this week is a positive first step we can ALL get behind!" she concluded. As expected, those who oppose the current administration had a few things to say.

Twitter reacts

Following Ivana Trump's tweet about prison reform, critics wasted no time pointing out the irony. "It's actually clever of you to start working on prison reform right now. Under the circumstances," one tweet read.

"Can you just go back to selling shoes please and thank you," a Twitter user wrote.

"What the hell do you know about anything? Just hush," yet another tweet added. "Getting ready to make things cozy for you and the family?" an additional tweet noted.

"Your pops must be planning ahead. Why else? I suspect the wrong folks will benefit from this," a social media user wrote. "So when you, your husband, your brother and your dad re-enter society in some 15-20 years, what are you going to do? Starting a language school for Russian?" a follow-up tweet read. The mockery continued as the backlash to the entire Trump family moved forward.