Season two releases on Netflix on May 18. New cast members and stories will be introduced to show the aftermath of Hannah's suicide. Even though season one was based on the book by Jay Asher, some artistic liberties were taken and these choices will be continued in season two. Each of the main 13 characters was a reason for her decision to kill herself, and through the series we see how it affects Clay Jensen.

One through seven

  • Justin was the first reason, starting the rumor that gave Hannah a bad reputation. This led to people in her school not wanting to be friends with her, especially since she was the new girl.
  • Jessica, the second reason, had become friends with Hannah but the relationship quickly soured after she started dating Alex, one of their friends, behind Hannah's back.
  • Alex became the third reason for creating a list ranking the girls in the freshman class, giving Hannah a ranking and not mentioning Jessica at all, causing Jessica to slap Hannah and ending their friendship.
  • Tyler, the school photographer for the yearbook, becomes Hannah's fourth reason. He stalks her to the point of taking pictures through her window, an act which Hannah and friend Courtney catch, with a plan to create a shot Tyler couldn't pass up.
  • Courtney, embarrassed by the shot, denies that it was her, throwing Hannah under the bus. She becomes Hannah's fifth reason, causing her to lose yet another friend.
  • Hannah goes on a date with her sixth reason, Marcus, who embarrasses her publicly after he tries to put his hand up her skirt.
  • Marcus' friend Zach checks on her to make sure she's alright, but later becomes reason number seven. He steals compliments from her bag in communication class after she rejects him, causing her self-esteem to plummet even further.

Eight through 13

  • Hannah's low confidence finds her in a poetry workshop with Ryan, who is the author of the school's literary magazine. He becomes reason eight by stealing a poem from her journal and publishing it, prompting her classmates to make fun of her personal thoughts.
  • After agreeing to go to a party with Sheri, reason number nine, they leave with some alcohol in their system and crash the car, causing the stop sign to fall over. Fellow classmate Jeff later dies at this intersection and Hannah blames Sheri for not calling the police to fix the stop sign.
  • Justin is reason number 10. At the party, Justin and Jessica hook-up in a room Hannah is hiding in. He leaves to get water and reason number 12, Bryce, comes in and begins to rape Jessica. Justin tries to stop it but Hannah claims he could have done more, but put his friendship with Bryce first.
  • Clay, the main character of the book and series, becomes reason number 11. Though she doesn't really blame him for her death, she uses the tape to apologize for never dating him, and for pushing him away at the party.
  • In her last days, Hannah took a walk, leading her to Bryce's house where a small party was going on. She joins and after a while Bryce rapes her in the hot tub. On her way home, soaking wet, she begins to devise the plan for the tapes.
  • The last reason, number 13, is her guidance counselor, Mr. Porter. He attempts to help after she goes to him in need but tries to convince her that she just needs to move on.