As you all know, there's a second season for the "13 Reasons Why" Netflix series, and people have mixed feelings about it. On May 7, Hollywood actress and pop superstar Selena Gomez announced via Instagram that Hannah's story is not yet over. Another trailer has also been released involving the conversation between Justin and Jessica via text message that depicts Jessica is thinking of killing herself. With this, people have been asking, "Is the second season still worth Watching?"

What happened after the first season?

After the completion of the first season of the world-acclaimed series "13 Reasons Why" many people had mixed opinions about how it could be potentially harmful to viewers who are suffering from depression and have suicidal thoughts.

In fact, several schools have already banned their students from discussing or mentioning "13 Reasons Why" on school grounds as it could spark a negative influx of suicide attempts from teenagers. According to the Argentine news outlet, Diario Clarín, a 23-year-old copied Hannah's actions by committing suicide and leaving tapes exactly like what was on the show. According to, the series producer, Selena Gomez recently "fired back at critics of the show and called it 'honest' and 'real', despite the accusations of glorifying suicide and risky behavior."

What will happen in this season?

In this next season, the question that still hangs in the balance is whether or not we see more of Hannah Baker.

Bryan Yorkey confirmed that Hannah Baker will absolutely still be part of the second season. He felt that there's still more to tell about Hannah's story.

Is Jessica really going to commit suicide because of Hannah?

Based on the trailer, people are pointing out how Hannah's actions were selfish because Alex had already shot himself and now Jessica will shoot herself too.

But is this really because of Hannah? We should not forget that Hannah only told the truth in the tapes, and clearly stated that she was a victim too. In fact, she mentioned that being raped by Bryce was the reason why her soul had already died before her heart even stopped beating. Will Jessica be committing suicide?

What will most likely happen to the others?

Well, it is quite unnerving how the first season ended. A lot of questions have been raised over Hannah's death, and we will most definitely find out about them in the next season. Most likely, Alex's condition will be revealed. Also, Tyler's actions will be shown, and for the most part, we will find out if Hannah's parents will finally find out why she took her own life. Additionally, will Clay be okay? Will the Bakers win the case?

Is it worth watching?

With all the chaos in the first season, it is definitely worth watching the show to see how it all goes down, how it all subsides. Hannah's story was not a happy one, but at least we may find out how justice will be served to those who killed her before she took her own life.

Suicide is not a way out, it never is. The show portrays the messy process of putting oneself back together after the devastation of losing someone you love because they chose suicide as seen with Hannah's parents, and on those who cared about her.