“High School Musical” veteran Zac Efron and “True Detective” guest star Alexandra Daddario appear to be in love if Zac's recent comments on Alexandra's Instagram photo of herself and her dog Levon are any indication.

Zac Efron's comment on the photo called Alexandra Daddario, and her pet pooch, "Two hot b****es," stirring up speculation that the two stars are secretly dating. And Zac punctuated his comment with suggestive emojis of the heart, prayer hand, and winking.

Is Zac Efron using social media to slowly reveal a Hollywood Love Affair? Maybe, maybe not.

Zac and Alexandra were recently spotted visiting a pet store together, but the two stars, who met during the production of a film version of “Baywatch” (2017), have yet to confirm rumors that they have fallen in love.

Alexandra Daddario may be the one who wants to keep a love affair with Zac Efron private

Born into a political family, Alexandra Daddario is rumored to be shy about having her private life blasted in the tabloids. Her grandfather served in the US House of Representatives and her father took on the role of Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism in the NYPD. Though the actress likes to perform her own stunts in films, her political upbringing may be responsible for wanting to keep the stunts of her personal life, like a love affair with Zac Efron, from the public eye.

It may be too late for Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario to keep the lid on a love affair

Since Zac Efron posted the saucy comment on Alexandra’s Instagram photo, the web has been abuzz with stories about the probability of a love affair in full blossom. Rumors of the love affair began in 2017 when Alexandra and Zac co-starred in a film revival of “Baywatch,” the hit television series about beach lifeguards.

With Zac’s recent Instagram comment, rumors of a love affair are seeming less speculative and more realistic, but only time will tell if Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron confirm what the public surmises is fact: That they have been more than pals since their time together working on "Baywatch." If the rumors are wrong, perhaps Zac and Alexandra are just Hollywood buddies with a shared love of canines.

Though Zac did take some flak from fans for using the word “b***h” on Alexandra’s Instagram, he built good public karma by announcing his adoption of a pit bull named Maca, which saved the dog from euthanasia.

Zac Efron adopted Maca from a humane shelter in LA called Barks n’ B****es. Perhaps this explains his use of the b-word on Alexandra Daddario's Instagram. Regardless, we will wait in suspense to see if Zac and Alexandra’s relationship is more than puppy love.