Yes, it is probably easy enough to guess that Katy Perry is the one that has had a few very relatable issues happen on "American Idol." The beautiful and stylish Katy Perry is always wearing the most divine outfits, but unfortunately it looks like they might be getting her into a little bit of trouble.

Katy Perry's two wardrobe malfunctions

Earlier in the season, the fun and lovable Katy Perry decided to get up and dance with one of the contestants. While this may have seemed like a good idea at the time, she ended up tripping, falling, and ripping her sequin mini dress.

Luckily the show was able to cover up the undies showing. After all, that is the risk all women take when they dance in high heels and a short dress.

As if the first wardrobe malfunction wasn't enough, later on in the season she was laughing so hard that the back seam of her silver sequin jumpsuit split open. She turned around to show off the split in her pants but luckily was covered up by the "American Idol" logo. Fellow "American Idol" judge, Lionel Richie, also stepped in to try and shield Katy. All in all, though, it looked like Katy rolled with the malfunction well and smiled through it, as she frolicked up on the stage. They ended up taping the fabric up so everything was covered at last and the show could proceed.

Preventing wardrobe malfunctions

So what could be contributing to these wardrobe malfunctions? Well, it could be that she is a fearless person when it comes to dressing stylish and fashionable. Wearing hard to wear clothing is part of what makes Katy stand out as a fashion role model for so many young women. Sometimes wearing fitted clothing makes it more likely for it to come apart with any kind of physical activity.

In Katy Perry's case, all it took was laughing hysterically.

A great way to ensure no skin exposure during wardrobe malfunctions would be to make sure to wear undergarments so you limit what could be revealed if the outfit fails. Another option is to choose lined clothing, so if one layer rips there is a backup to keep everything covered.

Television personalities and judges notoriously dress in beautiful over-the-top outfits. Wardrobe malfunctions are just natural occurrences that happen every once in a while when fashion is put first. Although it has happened twice for Katy in one season, perhaps she has just been unlucky when it comes to choosing the right outfit. Tune in to "American Idol" on Sundays and Mondays to keep up with all the crazy excitement and action.