Watching the "Bachelor Winter Games" this Winter was an emotional roller coaster. Many couples formed while competing in various sporting events. While the show seemed to be successful in creating couples that persisted after the show's finale, it now looks like most of these couples did not make it for that long. During the special live episode of the "Bachelor Winter Games" there was one marriage proposal and one fake proposal, both of which are now done.

Ashley I. and Kevin

The beautiful and emotional Ashley I came back for another try at love.

Her and Kevin, the Canadian contestant, were the strongest couple throughout the season. Fans were rooting for the couple to work. They seemed perfect for each other, posting adorable pictures on Instagram. The two eventually decided to split saying that they would still remain friends. Although it didn't last, it was still a beautiful relationship to watch.

Clare and Benoit

The big news coming out of this season was the proposal between Clare, a previous contestant for Juan Pablo's season, and Benoit, the Canadian contestant. Clare and Benoit seemed to start off well, until Clare's interest started wandering. During the show Benoit left when Clare told him that she was interested in another contestant.

However, there was a big surprise for fans at the live finale. It was revealed that Benoit reached out to Clare after the show to make sure she was okay. They ended up rekindling their romance, and he proposed to her in front of the live audience. This unexpected event was beautiful to watch. Unfortunately, they have now ended their engagement.

Dean and Lesley

Dean and Lesley may have seemed like an unlikely couple to last because of Dean's past relationship troubles, but it was pretty hard to deny that they seemed to work really well together. The two seemed like a fairly solid couple on the show. At the live final Dean got down on one key and offered Lesley a key to his house in one of the best fake proposals of all time.

The couple seemed to be going strong. Recently however, they both posted some cryptic messages about love on their social media, which indicated that they were no longer together.

It has been notoriously hard for couples to stay together after meeting on reality television. Although some couples have made it until marriage and have gone on to start a family, others have experience short-lived romances. Hopefully, upcoming Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin will find her long lasting love this Spring.