Shonda Rhimes' ABC Drama "scandal," starring Kerry Washington as the ultimate political fixer Olivia Pope, will air its Final Episode this Thursday, April 19, 2018.

After seven seasons, Gladiator fans all around the globe will tune in to watch their favorite Gladiators fight their final battle.

Here are some theories and predictions to ponder while you count down the hours until the final episode.

Check out this sneak peek of the "Scandal" final episode

Will Olivia choose Fitz or Jake

Olivia Pope has kept fans guessing as to who her true love really is: former President Fitzgerald Grant, affectionately known as Fitz, (Tony Goldwyn) or Command of B613 Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)?

The pendulum seems to be swinging in Fitz's direction; however, the unpredictable Olivia could surprise us all by choosing the sands of a deserted island with Jake over the farm in Virginia with Fitz.

The last meeting between Jake and Olivia was definitely not a warm and fuzzy reunion, so a possible rekindling of past sparks will be nothing short of a miracle! One theory is that once Jake no longer has the burden of leading B613, he may realize that Olivia is all he ever needed - but then again if B613 no longer exists that might mean the end of Jake's freedom and a long-distance romance with Olivia from his prison cell may not be in Jake's favor.

Olivia may decide to go it alone, opting for a clean slate from everything and everyone.

How's that for an unexpected twist?

More character theories and predictions

Will Mellie get a second presidential term? Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) became the first US Female President, but will she win a second term if Olivia Pope exposes B613? One theory is that Olivia will expose B613, but will cleverly find a way for Mellie to assume plausible deniability of the actions of B613.

Mellie will then regain her fellow American's trust and take on a second term free of scandal and Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) who will go down with B613. Rowan Pope (Joe Morton), father of Olivia Pope, will escape retribution and become a science professor at an undisclosed college specializing in paleontology.

What could happen next for the Gladiators

Will the Gladiators go on without Olivia? Gladiators Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), Huck (Guillermo Diaz), and Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield) will miraculously survive the B613 scandal unscathed and decide to carry on as Gladiators without Oliva Pope forming Perkins, Whelan, Huck and Associates.

So much for predictions and theories, now get your popcorn and wine ready and let's find out what really happens on the last "Scandal" Episode ever!