Although the television series "Friday Night Lights" has been off the air for about seven years now, many of the characters still live on in the hearts of super fans. The show was centered around a Dillon, Texas high school football team, its coach, and his family. Tim Riggins was a big part of the football team. His character had the most heart, the most love for the game, and the most inclination to protect his teammates. So why is Tim Riggins still considered one of the best television characters of all-time?

He cares about his friends and family

When his longtime best friend and fellow football team player Jason Street gets injured on the field and ends up in a wheelchair, he continues to have his back. He saves his life when he talks Jason out of a life threatening surgery in Mexico. He also cares for all the players on the team. That loyalty is what makes him stand out from the others. When his brother is about to face prison time, Tim takes the blame for him so his brother can be there to raise his newborn daughter.

He is protective

When a tornado hits Dillon, he huddles over Julie, the coach's daughter, to keep her safe. When she is about to get in trouble at a party, he takes her home and takes the blame for it.

When the cute kid next door, Bo, gets bullied at school, Tim steps in to help him. He helps everyone around him, and he does it because he is a compassionate character.

He keeps things simple

There is something to be said about a guy who's life ambitions are drinking beer, playing football, and chilling with girls. He is never afraid to be exactly who he is and achieve his own happiness.

He avoids drama by staying true to himself and caring about those around him.

His accent, hair, and smile

That Texas accent and deep husky voice makes him a fan favorite amongst girls all over the country. That shaggy long brown hair might not work on everyone but it definitely does Tim justice. The way he smiles at Lyla Garrity, his love interest for most of the series, will have fans swooning while they watch.

"Friday Night Lights" remains a television series that is easy to binge-watch. The show is about a lot more than football. It captures the hearts and minds of the characters and their personal relationships. It talks about ambition and following your dreams. It shows the importance of caring about more than yourself. It depicts what can happen when you work together as a team to achieve greatness. For all of these reasons, this show is still highly regarded among fans.