Tonight is a really big episode of "When Calls the heart." After last week's cliffhanger, a lot of fans are upset and saying they will even boycott the show tonight. This is the season finale, but the show has already been picked up for another season on Hallmark. It looks like everything could change for Jack and Elizabeth and the fans are not happy with this option at all.

What is going down?

Last week, they made it look like it is going to be revealed to Elizabeth that her husband Jack is dead. A lot of the reason that people watch this show is their love story.

This season Jack just hasn't been around like the fans are used to so it would not be shocking if they decided to kill him off of the show. Someone came to speak to her after Jack has been off on a training mission.

Why are fans refusing to watch?

Lori Loughlin posted on her Instagram and said, "Congratulatory hug for @erinkrakow for her outstanding work in season 5 and every season on @wcth_tv This talented lady brings her A game everyday and I’m proud to be her wing woman. Join us for our season finale tonight 9/8c on @hallmarkchannel & @superchanneltv #hearties ❤️ ( for those of you not tuning in, we will miss you but we respect and support your choice) SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO OUR PHENOMENAL CREW FOR YOUR HARD WORK & DEDICATION.

Looking forward to season 6! #behindthescenes." She realizes that the fans may not be watching, but she wants them to give it a chance.

In this picture, Elizabeth does have a small smile on her face. This has some fans thinking that Jack isn't dead at all and that she just got good news. Personally, I see no reason not to at least watch tonight and see how it plays out before you give up on the show totally.

Without Jack and Elizabeth, there isn't a ton of show left to enjoy. This love story has been one that everyone has loved from the very start.

Everyone is going to have to see how it goes tonight on "When Calls The Heart." If the fans don't watch, then they may regret it if they find out that Jack is still alive and that this cliffhanger was just a little tease.

Shows always want to make fans think something else so they will watch it.

Do you think that they will kill off Jack on tonight's season finale of "When Calls the Heart"? Sound off in the comments section below and don't miss new episodes on Sunday nights on Hallmark Channel. Tonight is the season finale, but it will be back again with new episodes after this season is over.