Meri and Kody Brown of "Sister Wives" have been through a lot over the years. She was catfished by a woman that she thought was another man and ever since their marriage just hasn't been the same. At the end of this season of "Sister Wives," it really did look like they were over. Now Meri is going to her Instagram to give an update on their relationship.

What did Meri have to say?

Meri Brown posted a picture of herself with Kody that really does look like things are going great for them. She has been out working her LuLaRoe business. This is a business selling clothing and Meri is doing a great job with it.

She posted a picture where Kody surprised her by coming and seeing her. The caption says, "Kody flew out to Chicago on my last day of #LuLaRoe leadership so we could spend our anniversary together yesterday. How sweet was that?! ♡♡♡ 28 years and still here! #LivingMyWhy #28Years #Anniversary #Chicago #Happiness." This really does look like a couple that is working out their marriage.

Meri has been posting pictures in Chicago all week long and it looks like she has been there a while. Between her LuLaRoe and her new bed and breakfast, she is probably spending a lot of time away from Kody and the family. Meri doesn't have any young children at home anymore, so she isn't tied to the house near as much as the other wives.

Will they be able to make it work?

After being married for 28 years, Kody and Meri are not going to just give up on their marriage. Personally, I feel like if they were going to not work out then it would have been back when they had all of the catfish issues. There was a really long time that they were not even hardly spending time together.

The fact that Kody is now coming to see her in Chicago and celebrate their anniversary really does show something. He is making an effort, which is very important for their marriage to work.

Things are really looking up for Kody and Meri. Hopefully, she will end up posting more updates about them and the fans can see that they are working out their marriage.

It will also play out on a future season of "Sister Wives."

Are you surprised to hear that Meri and Kody Brown seem to be working on their marriage? Do you think these two will last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Sister Wives" when it returns to TLC with new episodes. They have not shared when the show will be back again, but I know I can't wait for a new season of "Sister Wives."