scheana marie will be seen announcing the official end of her marriage to Mike Shay during the upcoming episode of "Vanderpump Rules." In a Sneak Peek revealed by Bravo TV on April 2, Scheana is seen chatting with her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, at SUR Restaurant as she preps for her day's work.

"My divorce was final last week so it's like officially done," she says in the clip. "Are you going to marry [Robert Parks-Valletta]?" Lisa asks. As fans have seen throughout the sixth season of the reality show, Scheana has spoken quite frequently about her plans for a future with Rob, despite the fact that he doesn't seem to be nearly as enthused as she is about the time they've spent together.

"I certainly hope so," Scheana Marie said of marrying the actor. "I mean, we talk about it. I know he likes the name Madison for a little girl... We've been looking at houses." Oddly, at the time the scene was filmed, Scheana was just weeks away from her breakup with the actor. Although fans are just now seeing the moments between them play out on the show, they were actually filmed last summer and by August 2017, Scheana and Rob had split.

Lisa Vanderpump thinks Scheana Marie should slow way down

"Take your time. You've been divorced for how many days?" Lisa Vanderpump asked after hearing the waitress' future plans for a second marriage. Then, in her cast confessional, Lisa further explained her thoughts.

"Most people would wait for the ink to dry on the divorce papers of their last marriage before they started picking out their baby's name... but most people aren't Scheana," she said.

Scheana Marie was married to Mike Shay for two years.

Scheana Marie has been single for several months

Following her summer split from Robert Parks-Valletta, Scheana relocated from her home in Los Angeles to a temporary home in Las Vegas, where she is currently starring in a stage production of "Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man." As for her love life, she's been linked to "Bachelor in Paradise" star Robby Hayes for the past several weeks.

While the reality star has claimed that she and Hayes are not involved in a romantic relationship, Scheana recently shared a video clip of the two of them enjoying a "date night" in Los Angeles and in the clip, Hayes was seen giving a kiss to her.

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