James Kennedy and Kristen Doute have quite a hostile history with one another. The two reality stars first started dating back in 2013 and called it quits after nearly two years of dating in 2015 -- and their break-up was anything but civil.

Doomed from the start

The couple was always seen on "Vanderpump Rules" in screaming matches, calling each other crude names and even a few slaps courtesy of Doute. They definitely brought the drama for the hit Bravo show yet did not seem to bring love for each other. But since then both parties have moved on to new relationships and places in their lives.

However, last night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" was like going back in time. The wild group of friends traveled to Mexico to celebrate Jax Taylor's birthday and things seemed to get a little out of control. Rumors started swirling as Taylor played detective and claimed to witness both Kennedy and Doute drinking alone together in the hot tub at 7 a.m. and was suspicious of some oddly placed pillow arrangements outside.

Neither of them got to bed until 8:30 a.m., which cued the shots of both of their empty hotel room beds as the rest of the cast was asleep.

Two sides to every story

When confronted by Taylor and another co-star, Tom Sandoval, Kennedy became defensive. He admitted to "maybe hanging out" with Kristen a little bit the night before but so was the rest of the cast.

However, everyone jumped to the conclusion that this was somehow Kennedy confessing to hooking up with his ex. And even after both Doute and Kennedy fiercely denied the hook-up, their fellow cast members and friends were still torn in terms of what to believe.

According to The Daily Mail, Kennedy accused Taylor of trying to "shame him to hide the turmoil in his own relationship" since Taylor and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright have had a bumpy road this season after Taylor cheated on her. Meanwhile, Kennedy stood by his word that he has never cheated on his new girlfriend (Raquel Leviss) despite this not being the first Kennedy cheating accusation of the season.

Deja vu

Due to their untrustworthy past with each other and the word of her friends, Doute believed that Kennedy said they hooked up, which ended with yet another infamous screaming match and her throwing a drink in Kennedy's face at dinner.

This argument reflected much of their fights from season's past.

Doute appeared on "Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live" last night (April 2) and was actually shocked (after seeing the episode) that Kennedy never started the hook-up rumor. According to E! News, Doute said: "My brain exploded...Sandoval started it and Jax spread the rumor." It was a classic game of he said, she said.

Also according to E! News, Doute wants to "claw" her skin off when she has to defend herself against cheating allegations and it is unfair for people to keep comparing this to her past infidelity's on the show (Doute previously hooked-up with Taylor and lied about it). In the preview for next week's "Vanderpump Rules" episode Doute is seen explaining to her current boyfriend (Carter Brian), and he does not look pleased.

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