Briana DeJesus made waves back in January when she went through round two of plastic surgery with Dr. Miami. She was eager to get her body back after giving birth a second time. Even though her boyfriend at the time, Javi Marroquin, was dead set against her having surgery, Briana did it anyway. She ended up losing her boyfriend over the drama but what she did get is a banging hot body and tons of self-confidence.

What Briana and many others who have cosmetic surgery know is that they still have to maintain that perfect figure by working out and eating right.

Briana tries to do both and often gets flamed for it. After getting dragged for being honest about her surgery, now she's getting dragged for going to the gym. Sick of all the chatter, Briana DeJesus talked to Blasting News exclusively about all of the hate and exactly what her haters can do with it.

Briana responds to social media trolls

“I can’t post a single thing on my Instagram without getting tons of comments hating on me," Briana told Blasting News. "If I post about my plastic surgery, they’re hating on me for not working out. If I post about working out, they’re hating on me for doing that. I can’t win!"

The "Teen Mom 2" star isn't joking. Before, during and after her visit to Dr. Miami, Briana DeJesus dealt with quite a bit of criticism over her decision to have the procedures done.

She was put down mercilessly for choosing "the easy way out" when, in fact, it's not easy at all.

Recently, Briana has been back in the gym so she can make sure her new physique stays right and tight. After so many called out the "Teen Mom 2" star for having surgery, you'd think they would support her decision to work out rather than just have more surgery, right?


Then, there's the issue of that weight loss tea that Briana has been promoting on the 'Gram. We've all seen the Flat Tummy Tea that pretty much every relevant reality star is pushing on social media.

Apparently, some people don't think Briana DeJesus should be promoting the tea as a means to lose weight since she very publicly had plastic surgery.

If that's the case, then neither should most of the tea peddling celebs. It's also worth noting that all the plastic surgery in the world won't stop a woman from getting bloated. Let her drink her tea in peace.

Briana is winning

Briana DeJesus also issued this message to her haters. She wants you all to know who is winning despite all of the criticism.

"Come to think of it, I am winning after all. I’m the one on the TV show that these people are taking time out of there day to come hate on," Briana pointed out. "So if I’m ‘so irrelevant’ and ‘desperate for attention,’ perhaps they should think about who is making me relevant and giving me attention. They say your haters are your biggest fans, so...

keep hating, I suppose. It won’t affect me either way. I’m on the show, sharing my story, and that’s not changing. And I’m happy with who I am so the haters can really kiss my a**, as they’re all under me and I’m above it. And that’s that.”