''This Is Us'' is one of the few TV shows that has seen exponential growth over the last couple of months. As season 2 continued to march on, and with a fan-base yet to reach its peak, the overwhelming success propelled this NBC-produced show into a new territory.

As worldwide recognition emerged, a mainstream solid footprint became inevitable. That took the shape of a Golden Globe triumph as one of the show's stars, namely Sterling K. Brown collected the Best Actor in a TV series prize.

But, enough with the past tense and actions as we need to wrap this up quick enough to prepare ourselves for Season finale which is set for March 13.

Next Tuesday, Episode 18 will hit the screen and the second season will be done and dusted.

Episode 18 'The Wedding' and what to expect from it

judging by the title alone, it would seem easy to make a projection of how the final episode will unfold. But, as we've already learned, ''This Is Us'' cannot be put in the easy-to-anticipate-show column.

''This Is Us'' official channel on YouTube has already posted a promo of this season finale. Despite revolving around Kate and Toby wedding, Jack character makes an emotional comeback. In what appears to be an alternate timeline, or maybe a what if-like twist, a significantly aged Jack is having a conversation with Rebecca about how fast time flies. The alternate future scenario might as well represent a harmless transgression that might not be receiving any further traction.

The scene of old Rebecca talking with an older Jack that is based upon real-life tendencies. When experiencing a moment of joy or something similar, it's common for people to have a daydreaming episode that often includes people that are no longer alive. But, the truth is that, at this point, we don't know how to read through this scene.

There could be more about Jack Pearson and his history

We should all agree that ''This Is Us'' is a carefully constructed puzzle. Given the number of pieces and clues that tend to unravel so many possibilities, it's hard to anticipate the final. Moreover, it seems like every new episode comes with a fair amount of novelty that makes the whole construct trickier and harder to solve.

It's a cluster-like picture with no ending or beginning in sight. And, with all these timelines constantly changing, it's impossible to have a complete image of this maze that has been fueled by drama, pain, despair, joy and almost the whole spectrum of human emotions.

At some point, a certain promo emerged and it also had Jack Pearson and his past as the focusing point. That short video hints into a direction yet to be dissected.

The above promo was released a few weeks ago and, at some point, there is a clear image of Jack being in a helicopter in what probably was a combat scene in Vietnam. It would be an abrupt change, a hastened transition from a peaceful environment of the American suburbs into a genuine war zone. At the same time, it would be our chance to get a closer look at Jack's brother and their connection.