If you have been following “Sister Wives” for the past couple of years, you would know that the show has been hit with some fake claims by a few fans. Well, now the show has been hit with even more of these claims from fans, however, some of these claims have just been debunked. For instance, all the drama about Meri potentially leaving the family is completely true as Robyn Brown’s former close friend Kendra Pollard-Parra even confirmed that not only were Meri and Kody having problems, but the whole Brown family are having major relationship issues.

What kind of drama is the Brown family dealing with?

Now, although the series has been hit with claims that the show is indeed fake by fans over the years it has been proven that the drama between the Brown wives and Kody is real. For example, according to Kendra Pollard-Para, Kody only sees Janelle Brown as a friend. Kendra said the following about Janelle and Kody’s relationship to In Touch Weekly: “Kody thinks of Janelle as more of a friend — she's his buddy.” It is also worth mentioning that Kendra noted that Kody could be looking for another wife to add to the Brown family, as Kendra said: “The first time he met me he said, 'You're so pretty. I'm looking for another wife!'" Kendra then fuelled speculation about Kody leaving one of his wives and replacing them with another wife, so he can keep his TLC Reality Television Series “Sister Wives” interesting.

Her exact quote about this to In Touch Weekly was: “He'll most likely drop one of the other wives. Kody's main goal is to keep the series going.”

What is everyone in the Brown family up to at the moment?

In case you haven’t been following this family for a while, you wouldn't know that they are always in the public eye, and most recently it was just revealed to the public that “Sister Wives” will be returning for a brand new season.

Fans of the Brown family are very excited to see what will unfold in the brand new season as it may deal with the relationship issues that the Brown family have been facing over the past few months. It is also worth mentioning that Mariah Brown has just recently revealed some exciting news regarding her future as she has just brought out the news that she got into her favorite grad school.

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