Since the election of Donald Trump, many have wondered what other celebrities might try their hand at running for president in the future. In a recent interview, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson opened up about his potential political future, while taking a shot at Trump in the process.

The Rock on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his plan to run for president in the summer of 2015, many laughed off his candidacy as nothing more than a stunt to gain ratings for his reality show "The Celebrity Apprentice." Despite this, Trump started to gain momentum which he carried through the primary election and all the way to his upset general election win over Hillary Clinton.

In response, the majority of the American people have been speaking out, including the overwhelming majority of celebrities out in Hollywood.

For the man known as "The Rock," Dwayne Johnson has taken over Hollywood, coming a long way since his days as a professional wrestler in the WWE. Due to the Rock's popularity, Johnson has gotten buzz about whether or not he would entertain the idea of running for president, which he elaborated on during an April 5 interview with Rolling Stone.

"What I'm sensing now is that we have to pivot back to people who have a deep-rooted knowledge of American history and politics and experience in policy and how laws get made," Johnson said, in reference to Trump's lack of knowledge in the area.

The Rock on 2020

Dwyane Johnson went on to note that Donald Trump supporters might have been happy with his election, but added "In a lot of people's minds, what (Trump's) also proved is that not everybody should run for president." The former WWE champion elaborated further, saying that being the president requires a certain "skill set" that takes years to build up, but didn't rule out finding those skills to run himself, saying the buzz about his potential candidacy in 2020 was "flattering." When asked if he thinks he is capable of doing the job, "The Rock" replied, "if Trump can do it, I can do it."

Next up

While Hollywood and Donald Trump continue to clash, the commander in chief has many other issues to deal with.

On Wednesday, Trump announced that he would sign an executive order to send military troops to the border as way to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country, though the details and cost of the plan remain a mystery. In addition, Trump is facing daily questions about the ongoing Russian investigation, while also dealing with the uncomfortable headline of his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels.