In a series of holiday photos, Miley Cyrus gave a nod to Easter in images reminiscent of the pin-up days of the 1930s and 1940s. The images are subdued in respect to some of the shock-wear fans have seen Miley display on and off stage.

Vogue explained the photos as a form of social media calendar, commenced earlier this year when Miley also shared photos taken for Valentine’s Day. The next series of photos was released on Saint Patrick’s Day. For her Easter shots, photographer Vijat Mohindra captured the feel for the holiday with pastel props.

Miley posted the photos to her Instagram account.

Fans can't seem to get enough and are eating up the attention she has given to Easter nearly as thoroughly as some devour chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps.

Fans and social media followers devour star’s holiday photos

Everything from stunning to sexy and cute is how fans are describing the photos, which are pretty much family-friendly and appropriate for the holiday. One word that Vogue wrote in a March 30 article crystallizes the overall look of the images: Whimsical.

Many appreciate the honesty in her approach to life and self-expression. It is refreshing, just the same, to see fans also applaud Miley for bringing a classy type of glam to some fun-loving photos fit for the public without needing to worry whether a time delay or disclaimer might be needed for younger viewers.

Okay, there is one exception. However, viewers might want to shield the kiddies from seeing the Easter Bunny spank the star with a carrot in one still shot and without the carrot in another image. Still, the photo, at most, could be considered risqué but most certainly not raunchy.

Photoshoot garnering wide-spread ‘likes’

Billboard made note of the fact that Miley styled the shoot.

And, for that: Thumbs up. It’s good to see the celebrity having fun and also sharing the photos freely on social media for fans to enjoy.

Fans and followers' take on the photos read: cute, gorgeous, and beautiful to “love it,” “hottest bunny I’ve ever seen,” and “The most beautiful smile ever.” Happy Easter is the overall statement and the sentiment expressed.

As Billboard also pointed out, the ensemble of photos could be dubbed “grown-up fun with the Easter Bunny.” Nothing is too over-the-top. Along with the photos, Miley also presented three videos from the holiday shoot for fans.

Glamour got it right in stating that Miley didn’t do the shoot “halfway.” Though the images may appear effortlessly fun, sweet, happy, and a balance of whimsy with class, a lot of thought is reflected. The images leave fans feeling good, with the sense that the holiday was not debased and products were not being peddled under the guise of Easter like a cheap mattress with a worthless 10-year warranty.

She has fans wondering the question that Glamour dared state: What will she do for her Independence Day photos?

Have you seen Miley’s Easter photos? If so, what do you think? Feel free to leave your comments.

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