Ever since Hope Logan returned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" she has seemed a little off. She has been lurking in the shadows of Liam's life and pretending to be only a listening ear until now. Spoilers indicate that Steffy and Bill will become suspicious of her motives and rightly so. Hope has already let her rival know that she is still in love with her former spouse and even gone so far as to poison his mind against his father and current wife. It's entirely possible that Ms. Logan's desire to reclaim her man could go even deeper.She just might turn out be the one who actually pulled the trigger and shot Dollar Bill in the back.

Hope is standing her ground regarding Liam

Once she found out that Steffy had slept with Bill, Hope upped her game and let Liam know that she still cares, even going so far as to kiss him. She has been bad-mouthing Steffy and Bill every chance she gets. According to Soaps, She Knows, on Thursday Liam's wife and father will suspect Ms, Logan's motives. Steffy already knows that Hope has been insinuating that she and Bill will eventually end up together and she probably will make this known to her father in law. Things could get to a point however where the duo wonder if Ms. Logan may be the one who really pulled the trigger.

Hope has been manipulating the situation and sticking like glue to Liam's side.She alone knows that he does not remember actually pulling the trigger and shooting his father.

Ms. Logan realizes that her former husband hit his head and may have blacked out as he did when he had amnesia and was kidnapped by Quinn. She is milking the situation for all it is worth, and because she is now so devious, it's not a stretch to consider her to be the one who tried to kill Bill. She is staking her claim and holding on expecting victory.

A new Hope is in town who won't back down

A new Hope Logan returned to LA, one who is sneaky and seemingly bent on revenge. She is taking full advantage of Liam's foggy memory as well as the fact that Bill and Steffy slept together. Earlier spoilers suggested that at a later date, Steffy would find out that Bill is actually her baby daddy and if Hope finds out it will be game over.

Ms. Logan is not backing down and is determined she will get her man. Initially, she said she would not stand in the way of Liam reuniting with his wife because of the baby, but now not even the unborn child is a consideration.

Bill and Steffy may only be suspicious of her motives towards Liam or sweet innocent Hope just might turn out to be the one who tried to kill Dollar Bill Spencer. She could have become so enraged at all he has done to hurt his son that she simply snapped. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST on CBS. Be sure to keep watching for spoilers to give updates on this love triangle.