Tyler Baltierra has worried the "Teen Mom OG" fan base again after a Monday night tweet. Even with Catelynn Lowell home and his daughter Nova sleeping soundly in her own room, Tyler admitted that he's feeling pretty lonely.

He tweeted, "Laying in bed next to my peacefully sleeping wife. I can hear my daughter snoozing away through the monitor in her room. My dog is cuddled up on the floor next to me...& yet I feel so empty...so alone."

Tyler followed his tweet up with a hashtag about the cruelty of life.

It sounds like the "Teen Mom OG" star just really doesn't like sitting in silence. However, Tyler has been through a lot over the last few months.

He spent quite a bit of time alone with Nova while Catelynn was off getting help. He also sent his own father off to rehab and he's not back yet. To top off the incredibly hard time, fans just learned over the past few weeks that Catelynn suffered a miscarriage right after telling Tyler and everyone else that she was pregnant.

MTV fans encourage Tyler

Considering all that is going on with Baltierra, it shouldn't surprise anyone that MTV fans got worried about his tweet and for his well-being. Even the official "Teen Mom" Twitter offered up two blue hearts in response to Tyler's tweet.

Fans complimented Tyler Baltierra for being such a great husband and father. Many of them reminded the "Teen Mom OG" dad to take time for himself. One even suggested that Tyler go away. As in, she thought he needed some time to himself and that maybe he should leave Catelyn and Nova behind in order to take a little trip to get a break for himself.

Fans recognize that Tyler is depressed and overwhelmed with all that he's been through and is still dealing with. He threw himself into being a great dad, husband, and businessman. Maybe it is time for the "Teen Mom OG" dad to take a break from it all and recharge.

Catelynn responds

Tyler Baltierra has always been there for Catelynn Lowell when she needs him.

Even through multiple rehab stint, Tyler remained steadfast, doing whatever he could to get Cate back on track.

Now, it's her turn to be there for Tyler, who has been acting a bit depressed lately. After waking up and seeing Tyler's tweet, Catelynn responded.

"I am so sorry babe... I will do anything to help you... you are an amazing husband and father and are so caring, funny, and thoughtful... don't let life bring you down because you are one strong man... I love you so much," Catelynn wrote on Twitter.

It didn't take long for someone to respond to Cate, asking her why she didn't just tell Tyler to his face. Catelynn was quick to respond, letting the critic know that Tyler was sleeping. Certainly, she planned to say something when he woke up.

What does Tyler Baltierra's tweet mean? Should the "Teen Mom OG" husband be getting help now?