Suri Cruise is reportedly feeling pretty low after her dad, "Mission Impossible" star Tom Cruise, skipped her 12th birthday. It has been close to 5 years now since Tom has seen his daughter Suri in person, according to Hollywood Life reports. Fans are having a hard time understanding just what it is that is going through Tom Cruise's mind when it comes to his daughter with ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise claims he did not abandon Suri Cruise

It has to be very confusing and painful for Suri Cruise to have gone so long without seeing her dad and wondering why he doesn't care to see her at all.

Suri celebrated her 12th birthday on April 18th and the celebrity news site reports that even though Tom did send his daughter a gift, nothing he could ever possibly buy her will ever make up for abandoning her completely.

Will Suri ever forgive Tom?

The last time that Cruise, 55, saw his daughter on her birthday, she was only 7-years-old. Fans know that Tom and Katie's marriage did not end on friendly terms at all. However, it has been over for eight years, and any anger Tom Cruise may have been harboring toward Katie Holmes should have faded by now. It was pretty obvious in 2012 that Tom was blindsided by Katie filing for divorce.

However, while Tom attempted to play the victim, there were numerous reports that during the celebrity couple's six-year marriage, Tom's commitment to Scientology and their strict beliefs forced The "Dawson's Creek" star's hand in handling the divorce proceedings as she did.

Being a mom is the most important job

Katie Holmes has remained fairly silent and low-key over the years, never complaining about her ex. It has been speculated that Katie was just so relieved to be out from under Tom's controlling ways that she is content living a quiet life and is trying to stay out of the limelight and raise her daughter in normal surroundings.

Katie has always placed her priorities around raising Suri, Tom Cruise, not so much. It is sad that he does not comprehend that there are more important things a child needs from a father than money, gifts, and the occasional phone call. Someday Tom Cruise may figure this out, or not. Either way, time lost cannot be regained.

It is not known for sure but it has been speculated that Tom plans to pick up his relationship with Suri Cruise once she is an adult and free to form her own opinions on her father, away from her mother. Still, the longer he stays away, the older Suri gets, and the more likely she is to choose to steer clear of the father who chose to ignore her during childhood.

What are your thoughts on Tom Cruise continuing to ignore daughter Suri Cruise? Is she really better off without him in her life?