Tom Cruise has finally spoken about his only biological daughter, Suri Cruise with ex-wife, Katie Holmes. The "American Made" actor who had stayed mum about her daughter stated that she might have a future in acting.

During Tom Cruise's guesting on Sydney Morning Herald, the phenomenal "The Mummy" actor revealed that his daughter, Suri Cruise might also be interested in acting in the future. He added that he was tempted to act at an early age.

Tom Cruise opens up about Suri

The "Mission Impossible" actor revealed that no one will really know if Suri would be interested in being an actress someday.

But, if it happens, perhaps, the 53-year-old actor will not stop her from doing so. When Tom was asked about the acting future of Suri, he just answered with, "You never know" and then changed the subject. Tom then unveiled that he just loves doing movies and acting, which is why he continues to do it.

Persistent reports reveal that Tom has not seen Suri for years now. Scientology has reportedly torn the marriage of Tom and Katie Holmes, which also affected the relationship of Suri and Tom.

Although reports suggested that the "Jack Reacher" actor has finally reunited with Suri, Gossip Cop debunked the story saying that he has still not seen Suri in years and that he has not reconnected with her at all.

The publication debunked the reports that Tom has finally communicated with Suri. According to the site, Tom has not been in contact with Suri for years, as Holmes has the physical custody of Suri.

Tom and Katie Holmes' marriage

There is no doubt that Tom's love life often make headlines, just like how his new movie becomes a blockbuster.

Although Tom has his shares of failed marriages with Holmes, Mimi Rogers, and Nicole Kidman, the veteran actor admits that he has a romantic side. It seems like Tom has not given up on love at all.

Tom revealed that he is just like his character, Maverick in the hit movie "Top Gun." Maverick serenades women in the story and he said he will be willing to do that for the woman he loves.

Tom had a short-lived marriage with Rogers and they split in 1990. A few months later, he dated Kidman and got married in 1990, the same year he got his first marriage divorced. Tom shared two adopted kids with Kidman, Isabella, and Connor. Tom has a biological daughter with Holmes, Suri.

Tom Cruise is now in good terms with his first ex-wife, Mimi Rogers. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has remained tight-lipped about the real happenings in her failed marriage from the actor.