Ever since being exposed for her lack of knowledge during the 2008 general election, Sarah Palin has been in and out of the news for a variety of reasons, including becoming a reality TV star. With nothing of note taking place in the Palin family over the last year, Sarah decided to shill skinny tea on her social media accounts in an attempt to make a few dollars on the side.

Palin on Twitter

It all started back in 2008 when Arizona Sen. John McCain was looking for a Hail Mary as his running mate in an attempt to defeat the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The McCain campaign decided on half-term Alaska Gov Sarah Palin, but despite initially creating buzz, her lack of knowledge was quickly evident and the GOP ticket was defeated. Since then, Palin has worked as conservative political commentator on Fox News, created her own short-lived self-titled news outlet the "Sarah Palin Channel," and even starred in her own reality show "Amazing America with Sarah Palin."

While Sarah Palin has kept a relatively low profile over the last year, she sent out a post across all her social media accounts on April 19 in an attempt to promote "skinny tea." "As a busy hockey mom I need all the energy I can get, but coffee makes me crash mid-day and I dread feeling sluggish," Palin wrote, while attaching a photo of herself holding the drink in question.

"After visiting Bristol recently, she raved about the @teamiblends skinny tea," the former Alaska governor stated, before later adding, "It’s easy to take the tea everywhere after filling up my tumbler in the morning. So easy!" Concluding her post, Palin promoted her discount code, writing, "You can use code PALIN for 15 percent off your order!"

Twitter reacts

After Sarah Palin promoted the use of skinny team, critics wasted no time poking fun at the Tea Party favorite.

"From Tea Party Diva to Tea Pitching Has-Been. This has to hurt," one tweet read.

"Is that Russia behind Sarah?" a Twitter user wrote.

"I bet you still drink Covfefe! Tell the truth Sarah!" another tweet added. "Desperate times call for desperate measures," an additional tweet went on to read.

"You’re selling Flint water in moose town?" a social media user sarcastically asked. "whats next? How amazeballs your makeup is with Younique? MLM’s, keep it classy! Hockey mom," a follow-up tweet read. As the mockery continued, it was clear that Sarah Palin and her antics will continue to be a source of humor for many Americans around the country.