Steven Spielberg's schedule is ramping up in a major way these days. One of his next movies, however, will bring a new challenge for the acclaimed director.

The director has reportedly signed on to direct "Blackhawk." The movie has nothing to do with the Chicago hockey team, which is where the phrase is most commonly used now. Instead, it has to do with an old DC Comics property. The most surprising part of this whole thing? This will be Spielberg's first foray into the superhero world.

Spielberg jumps on board

Variety was one of the first publications with the scoop.

Warner Bros. Pictures will be working with Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment on the project. The screenplay for "Blackhawk" is being written by David Koepp, who has worked with the director on projects before, including "Jurassic Park." Kristie Macosko Krieger and Sue Kroll will be among those producing the film.

Spielberg is on a tear in the blockbuster world. He's still jamming on the success of "Ready Player One," which came out less than a month ago.That film has already raked in almost $500 million at the box office. He's also working on the new "Jurassic World" film (which he won't direct), the next "Indiana Jones" film, and a new film based on "West Side Story."

In other words, "Blackhawk" may have found a production team and director, but it's not coming anytime soon.

More on 'Blackhawk'

The character Blackhawk first appeared in "Military Comics #1" in August 1941. He leads a group of World War II ace pilots. The squadron uses their flying skills to fight against the forces of evil. Their primary enemy was the Axis powers. Some theories suggest that the squadron may have been introduced in a previous DC film, "Wonder Woman." Unsurprisingly, nobody has made any effort to confirm that fan speculation at this point.

Blackhawk has not made many appearances in the media recently.

There were oblique references to the squadron in the CW shows "Arrow" and "The Flash." Film and radio appearances came in the 1950s, back when the comic was at the peak of its popularity. Outside of that, however, it had become a somewhat forgotten entity in the DC stable.

Spielberg has the prestige to change that in a hurry. People are already speculating that he won't wind up actually directing the film. That may not be decided for several years. Regardless, "Blackhawk" is real and has the backing of Hollywood's biggest players.