The latest and final trailer for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" was released today by Universal pictures. It can be seen on television, Universal's official YouTube page, and the film's Facebook and Twitter. The movie is set to come out on June 22 of this year and will bring back several characters from the "Jurassic World"/"Jurassic Park" universe. The first official trailer suggested that the movie was once again only taking place on the island, but this trailer has revealed a lot more.

Returning from "Jurassic World" is Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing and BD Wong as Dr.

Henry Wu. What fans may be most excited for is the return of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm from the original "Jurassic Park" and its sequel "The Lost World." Several specific dinosaurs are also returning including "Rexy" the Mosasaurus and the last surviving trained raptor known as "Blue."

New things shown in trailer

There is much more to the movie than just rescuing the dinosaurs from the island, it involves bringing them back to the mainland and auctioning the creatures off to buyers. This seems to take place after dinosaurs are rescued from the island. Clearly, Blue and Rexy were captured alive as Chris Pratt is seen alongside both of them. Also revealed is the new Indoraptor, which looks like the new antagonist creature that gets loose.

This is a hybrid creature that was unknown to Pratt's character and was likely made in secret. Based on the trailer, Pratt and Blue are going to reunite and stop it.

Some similarities can be seen between this upcoming movie and "The Lost World," when InGen brought the male Tyrannosaurs back to the mainland that got loose in San Diego.

However, instead of opening a new park, the animals will be sold off and it will be more than just the Rex that gets loose. It also appears that the one doing the auctioning will be a character played by Toby Jones.

What to expect

Since this will be a trilogy, there will likely be a cliff-hanger at the end of the film for the third movie.

Hard to say what it is, but maybe it will follow in the footsteps of the previous trilogy. Since "Jurassic World" was a direct sequel to "Jurassic Park," it is hard to know if "The Lost World" or "Jurassic Park 3" were cannon in regard to this storyline, because those two movies featured Isla Sorna which was the second dinosaur island.

Regardless of how the story is, it will probably be entertaining for those who just like dinosaur action or just want a good popcorn flick to watch for die-hard fans of the series. It will be just a little over two months before the next film comes out.