The buildup to Wrestlemania 34 was incredible this year, and fans were not disappointed. Last week in Atlanta, the tension reached its breaking point. Braun Strowman had yet to announce a partner for the Tag Team Championship, Nia Jax swore to take her revenge on Alexa Bliss, Ronda Rousey was planning her WrestleMania debut, AJ Styles was prepping for Shinsuke Nakamura, and there was still no sign of The Undertaker rising to John Cena’s challenge. All of that changed tonight (April 8). These are not even close to all the show-stopping moments that happened in New Orleans, but these are the most memorable moments.

Asuka goes down

Charlotte Flair had fought the Empress of Tomorrow before, but that was in the Mixed-Match Challenge with Bobby Roode and Miz. That bout had not ended well for Charlotte, but this rematch would pit the two one-on-one and put Asuka’s winning streak on the line. Asuka controlled the fight early on, and she even pulled off an incredible counter when Charlotte attempted a moonsault. However, in an amazingly athletic feat, Charlotte made Asuka tap to a figure eight. Even Asuka admitted her admiration and no grudge was held.

Roman does not reign

Yes, this was for the WWE Universal Title, but it was not the best segment of WrestleMania. However, it was still an amazing fight. Some fans may be getting tired of Brock Lesnar, but most are always down to watch Roman Reigns lose.

This was an awesome match though, mostly because of the buildup to it. Brock had beaten a handcuffed Roman with a chair, and other title holders had even stepped aside for Roman to challenge the champion.

Earlier in the year, Roman had been suspended by Vince McMahon, but the defiant Samoan ignored that order. In the end, Roman probably earned some respect, because he withstood more F5s than even The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar defended his title, but Roman showed he had more heart to him than people realized.

The triumphant return

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are awful individuals. It had been years since Daniel Bryan had been in the ring for a match, and he had a great return story set up for him with Shane McMahon. Then Owens and Zayn attacked McMahon and Bryan from behind and almost put Daniel Bryan out of commission before the bell.

Shane came out blazing, but he took multiple midsection shots and ended up being saved by a rejuvenated Bryan, who forced Zayn to tap out with his Yes Lock.

Nicholas holds the title

Never heard of Nicholas before? No one else had either before Braun Strowman picked the child out of the crowd to be his tag team partner against Sheamus and Cesaro. Yep… Braun literally pulled a child from the audience and even tagged him in to fight in the match at one point. Braun just took a quick break and then handled Sheamus and Cesaro on his own, but a minor was given a belt to everyone’s delight. Nicholas is now technically the youngest WWE champion, and everyone is just wondering how he will defend his title.

The Dead Man walks away victorious

This was hands-down the best moment of the night. After Elias disrespected the fans, John Cena made short work of him. He prepared to leave, but then it went dark. For a moment, Undertaker’s hat appeared in the ring, then it vanished. Then came the bells. The legend returned, and he never said a word. He terrified the officials, and he made short work of John Cena! He may have lost to Roman Reigns last year, but his return at WrestleMania 34 left no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Dead Man has risen.