Maci Bookout is making headlines once again, but not for anything to brag about. She is currently worried about the status of Ryan Edwards. The two share a son together, and he has been affected by Ryan's heroin addiction. Things have escalated between Bookout and her ex in recent weeks, all of it coming to light this week.

Drug-related issues

Last season on “Teen Mom OG,” it was revealed that Ryan Edwards was battling a serious addiction. Maci Bookout talked about the struggles she was having while hearing about what Bentley's dad was going through.

She even talked to an addiction counselor to find out how she should handle things. While Edwards was on his way to marry Mackenzie Standifer, he was driving while high. The footage was captured on the “Teen Mom OG” cameras and later shown to viewers. It was initially believed that he had a pill problem since Standifer mentioned Xanax in the footage. Bookout attended the taping of the reunion where Ryan's current wife confronted her for “exploiting” the problem.

Last month, Maci Bookout filed for an order of protection against Ryan Edwards. This was prior to his arrest last week. On March 23, Bookout filed the paperwork and the case was heard in front of a judge this past Monday. More information is needed, but the order of protection was extended through May 21.

Taylor McKinney also filed his own order of protection against Edwards. Maci and her husband fear that Ryan may try to hurt them and the two children they share. Bentley is also included under Bookout's order of protection as are the couple's animals.

Relapse feared

According to Radar Online, Maci Bookout fears Ryan Edwards has relapsed and is using drugs again.

This is in line with what viewers have been mentioning on social media. While Mackenzie Standifer has mentioned things are fine, not everyone believes her. The cast of “Teen Mom OG” is reportedly on Maci's side in this battle. She is close to both Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood. In fact, they both stood up for her when Mackenzie Standifer attacked her during the reunion last season.

Right now, Bookout is worried about her son more than anything where Edwards is concerned. Earlier this week it was announced that Ryan and his wife are expecting their first child together. This is something that should be exciting, but it is clouded by Edwards' weird and disturbing behavior. Fans hope Ryan will get help and work on getting better.