'RHONY's Jill Zarin was out with her family over the weekend. 'The Real House Wives of New York City' star invited the ladies to contact her nephew, who happens to be single.

It was good to see Jill Zarin with a smile on her face in the Instagram photo that went along with her invite.

People reported a month back that she was not doing so well following her husband Bobby's death.

'RHONY' Jill posted to Instagram

In her Instagram post, Jill wrote, "Having the best Saturday night with my family. My gorgeous brilliant nephew Jonathan is single and looking to “mingle” why go on JDate when you have me?!

Ladies you can DM him @jon_wexlerand he is amazing golfer."

'Real Housewives' fans reacted to the photo of Jill's nephew

There were over 3000 people who loved Jill's post, most likely those who were pleased to see the 'Real Housewives' star looking happy. It is well known she was devastated when Bobby passed away from cancer. She also took the time to be sweet to all her fans who commented. Jill Zarin posted, "Sorry I can’t respond to everyone but thank you for the support and love!"

There were so many messages of love and many of them said what a nice 'Aunty' she is. Some of the ladies were very tempted to message her nephew Jon who was single and looking to 'mingle.'

User laurenbloeb commented, "You’re the best!

Too bad he’s not in LA!" Meanwhile, gayledenney posted, "He’s a cutie!!!! Nice Jewish girl here thinks your nephew is adorable."

Instagram user masonsmom424 posted, "@mrsjillzarin You look amazing & I love how much you love your family. Praying for y’all right now. XO."

Jill Zarin's nephew

Following the profile that Jill gave out to all the ladies who wanted to contact her nephew takes Instagrammers to jon_wexler.

it seems he is a "Biotech Geek" and a "Spectacularly Poor Golfer,"

As this is a closed account, Jill Zarin fans would have to request to follow. It would be fascinating to know how many requests Jon actually got after Jill Zarin's post!

Jill Zarin and 'RHONY'

Bustle reported that Jill would return to 'The Real Housewives of New York' season 10.

Jill responded with a tweet saying, "I Am NOT back this season. Bravo offered to do memorial but I was not asked back and did not film nor could I have filmed before Bobby passed…he needed me home and I wouldn’t have traded that quality time for anything. Now I have the time So who knows..."

What do think about 'RHONY's' Jill Zarin posting up an open invite for the ladies to contact her nephew who is single and looking to "mingle?" Would you have tried?