"Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale didn’t waste any time after the grand finale of the successful "Pretty Little Liars" series. Soon after the ending of "Pretty Little Liars," audiences were shocked to find out that she would be staring in a completely new show on the CW called "Life Sentence."

"Life Sentence" brought us many familiar faces like Lucy Hale, Carlos PenaVega, Dylan Walsh and Gillian Vigman. The show revolves around a young girl, Stella Abbott (Lucy Hale) who has spent most of her life battling cancer. With the encouragement from her immediate family, she spends what she thinks are her very last days doing things that would be on anyone’s bucket list.

She travels the world, skydives, faces her fears and eventually even marries a young man, Wes (Elliot Knight) spontaneously. Her world is flipped around when she finds out that she has been cured no longer having to live her life like tomorrow might be her last day.

The idea of this felt revolutionary, always hearing the story of how someone fought cancer until the end, or how someone won the battle against cancer. However, had anyone heard what happens after the happy ending of those tales? "Life Sentence" focuses on how someone's life can be affected by a major miracle and yet things are not rainbows and butterflies. It flies around the idea that life, as we know, can be affected by good news just as much as bad news.

Is 'Life Sentence' too different from Lucy Hale's previous work?

Compared to Lucy Hale’s previous work, "Life Sentence" was off to a pretty slow start. This comedy-drama CW show is fairly different compared to "Pretty Little Liars", which ran for a total of seven seasons. "Pretty Little Liars" was a crime fiction and mystery show which kept young audiences glued to the screen.

Ratings for 'Life Sentence' not what everyone hoped for.

The ratings for "Life Sentence" are off to a soft start. The first five episodes had no more than 670,000 viewers and it is steadily remaining under half a million viewers. Episode six is fast approaching and "Life Sentence" needs to pick up its game to have a chance with all of The CW's other shows like "Supernatural" and "Riverdale".

Have you watched "Life Sentence?"This show follows the most basic things in life; things that people like you and me might not think about on a daily basis. It touches base with some great questions. With the show still in its early episodes, you can decide for yourself if this show is worth the hype. Episode six of season one will be airing on Friday, April 27, 2018, at 9/8c on The CW.

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