Life may have been imitating art for Lucy Hale. Just as her character Aria Montgomery’s life on the hit show "Pretty Little Liars" was coming to an end (as was Hale’s longtime job for 8 seasons), Hale found out that she landed the lead in the CW’s new dramedy, "Life Sentence." Hale plays Stella, a young woman who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Stella lived the past eight years of her life planning to die, but in an unexpected twist of fate, she suddenly finds out that she is not dying.

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets

Living the past eight years like every day is your last apparently can get you into a lot of trouble.

Stella must face the consequences of her decisions, one of which was marrying a complete stranger. She finds herself at a crossroads and now must determine how to navigate her new "Life Sentence."

Meanwhile, her family must also deal with all of the secrets they were hiding from Stella all these years. Stella finally gets to see the impact her cancer diagnosis had on her entire family as well as the lengths they all went to to protect her.

However, this family’s secrets are not like the secrets Aria Montgomery had to keep from her family. In fact, these secrets are a bit on the hilarious side. Stella’s mom has been having an affair with a woman, and her brother is supplying the neighborhood soccer moms with drugs while using her cancer to guilt them into sleeping with him.

Her sister gave up a scholarship to take care of her, and her new husband has been going outside to fart. Stella starts to realize that planning to die was much easier than planning to live, and she can’t play the cancer card anymore.

We are family

"Life Sentence" at its very core is about family, which has some comparing it to NBC's hit break out series, "This Is Us." Hale really gets to show off her acting pipes by showing a range of emotions.

Besides making us laugh, the show is sure to make us shed a few tears along the way. The show is predicted to be a hit as the CW ordered it straight to series. "Life Sentence" also stars Jason Blair who plays her brother, Gillian Vigman plays her mother, Dylan Walsh plays her father, Elliot Knight as her husband, Brooke Lions plays her sister, and Carlos Penavega as her brother-in-law.

"Life Sentence" is slated to premiere sometime in 2018.

Lucy Hale has been keeping busy since saying goodbye to Aria Montgomery with roles in the horror movie based on the game, "Truth or Dare," and "Dude." Both are set to come out in 2018.