Faith Stowers revealed she's suing Stassi Schroeder for falsely accusing her of stealing Jax Taylor's car in 2017, but according to a new tweet from Kristen Doute, she may be hiding a big secret. On April 26, after Stowers' shocking interview on "The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro," Doute took to Twitter and shared a photo of what she suggested was Stowers on some sort of surveillance film.

"Hey tweeties, doesn’t this ex ['Vanderpump Rules'] thief look familiar?" she wrote in the caption of the photo, which also included a link to an article from NBC News in Los Angeles.

In the article, it was revealed that the woman in the photo, who was not confirmed to be Stowers, had been drugging and robbing men she meets at nightclubs.

Faith Stowers began starring on MTV's "Ex on the Beach" after her role on "Vanderpump Rules" came to an end.

A police report was shared in June of last year

According to the outlet, one particular incident took place on March 5, 2017, after the woman met a group of men at a high-end nightclub in Hollywood and proceeded to join them at their residence before allegedly using an "unknown substance" to "poison or drug" them. A police report taken at the time of the incident described the suspect as a black woman standing at 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing in at about 120 pounds.

It also revealed that the woman was sporting a big tattoo on her left side, which covered her leg, hip, and back.

"I didn’t wanna go there but I’m going there," Kristen Doute added to her post. Then, with another Twitter post, Doute said that the woman in the post, who she suspects is Stowers, was actually wearing the jacket of "Vanderpump Rules" guest star Logan Noh.

Faith Stowers left 'Pump Rules' after sleeping with Jax Taylor

After targeting Max Vanderpump during the show's fourth season, Stowers set her sights on Jax Taylor and ultimately, Taylor opted to sleep with Stowers behind his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright's back. Right away, a number of cast members ousted Stowers from their group.

As the show went on, it was revealed that Stowers had actually recorded audio of her post-sex chat with Taylor, during which he was heard making a number of shocking claims against his relationship with Cartwright. He even told Stowers in the clip that he was no longer attracted to Cartwright and had no intention to marry her.

"Vanderpump Rules" Season 6 will come to an end next Monday night, April 30 at 9 PM on Bravo TV.