Former First Lady Barbara Bush died at the age of 92 on Tuesday, April 17 surrounded by her family. It was reported that former President George H.W. Bush, her husband of 73 years, held her hand the entire day of her death. She died two days after her husband submitted a statement that she had decided not to seek additional medical treatment. Instead, she would be provided with comfort care. Her Funeral is on Saturday, April 21 at St. Martin's Church in Houston, Texas.

Barbara Bush was just one of two women who had a husband and son as president.

George H.W. Bush was Barbara's husband, and George W. Bush was her son. Abigail Adams was the other first lady and mother. Abigail's' husband was John Adams, and her son was John Quincy Adams.

President Donald Trump will not attend funeral

A statement from the White House indicated that President Donald Trump will not attend Mrs. Bush's funeral on Saturday out of respect for the family. It was stated that his being there would cause disruptions because of additional security. President Trump sent his condolences upon hearing of the death of Mrs. Bush and First Lady Melania Trump will attend on his behalf.

Other presidents expected to attend

Even with President Trump's absence, security will still be heavy because of First Lady Melania Trump, former presidents, and former first ladies.

All the living presidents will be there except Trump and former President Jimmy Carter who will be away on an overseas trip. All the living former first ladies will be there except Rosalynn Carter who is recovering from a recent intestinal surgery.

Trump and Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush didn't hold back on speaking her mind about Trump during his 2016 campaign when her son Jeb Bush was also running for president.

She criticized Trump for being a showman. Some say it is a good thing that Trump is not going to the funeral because his appearance would bring back memories of what Mrs. Bush thought about him, and perhaps the family doesn't want him there anyway.

Some people on social media are criticizing Trump for not attending the funeral.

In defense of him, sitting presidents don't customarily go to the funerals of first ladies. However, it is customary for first ladies to go. Therefore, both Donald and Melania Trump are doing what has been done in the past.

When former First Lady Betty Ford died in 2011, former President Obama did not go. Neither did he go to former First Lady Nancy Reagan's funeral in 2016. However, former First Ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Rosalynn Carter did attend both funerals.