It sounds as if Melania Trump is existing in a cage-like atmosphere inside the White House. These are the latest observations that are coming from a prestigious visitor who offered up some details in an interview. When Brigitte Macron, the wife of the French President, visited with Melania this week, she couldn't help but notice all the restrictions that keep Melania Trump rather confined.

Vanity Fair reports how life in the White House has been described before as being similar to living in a cage. Brigitte Macron compared her life in Paris to Melania's life in Washington and suggested that Melania is much more restricted than her counterpart from France.

Melania Trump's situation mirrors what Michelle Obama experienced while living in the White House. Michelle talked about what life was like after leaving the White House and she said one of the more exciting aspects was that she was able to open a window. This is something that is just not done in the White House.

Shuttered In

Brigitte Macron enjoyed her time with Melania, but found that Melania is "much more restrained" than she is.

The first lady of France said that Melania "can't even put her nose out." This is unlike what Brigitte's life is like as she shared how she is out and about without these type of restrictions every day while she is in Paris.

Labels on the floor

Brigitte and her husband, French President Emmanuel Macron, were guests of the Trump's this week and the two first ladies spent some quality time together. Brigitte gave an interview before heading back home to France.

One of the things that really stood out to Mrs. Macron was the way everything seemed to be scripted while they were there.

There were labels on the floor dictating where they should stand, so she "put herself where I had to put myself" she said during that interview.

She also said she didn't want to appear as a "flower pot," like an ornamental wife for her husband, but she found this inevitable at times while in D.C.

for this visit.

Melania is wonderful but guarded

As far as her time alone with Melania, she found her "nice, charming, intelligent and very open." She talked about the way Melania is "over-interpreted" and how Melania is a woman full of character. She also said how Melania is someone who works to hide her strong personality.

Laughter comes easily to Melania, but Brigitte feels she is guarded when showing the public this side of her. Both Melania and Donald Trump have given up so much to come to Washington and take the helm of the nation. Michelle Obama didn't realize how much her family gave up until she stepped back into civilian life.

Answer your own door

Michelle Obama talked about how she was thrilled to get back into the civilian life.

Meanwhile, Melania is probably used to windows that don't open while living in the penthouse of Trump Tower, but her access to the outside world is still extremely guarded in the White House. This is probably not something she is used to from her years in the Big Apple.

It sounds as if the U.S. has much stricter regulations in place for the first family than you would find in France for the Macrons.