A rather odd concept has emerged online regarding Melania Trump's Hand that sounds as if her appendage has become a separate entity, raising havoc on its own. After all the gushing about Melania's crisp white hat yesterday (April 24) and how it made her the epitome of fashion, something rather bizarre has popped up. According to what is written in an article by The Root today, they see Melania's hand as becoming the "most defiant member of the Trump administration." Twitter users also have a few things to say about her hand as well.

Melania's hand has a mind of its own?

Melania Trump's hand probably "hates that it's forced to be attached to her" the media site suggests and then they go on to explain why. For the people who dislike Donald Trump, Melania's hand has become their hero, as it goes against the president at every chance that appendage gets, suggests The Root.

So what are they really talking about here? It seems that Melania's alleged tendency to swat, dodge, slap, pull, and whip her hand away from Donald Trump when he makes an attempt to hold her hand has brought them to this consensus on her hand.

You can check out what is being dubbed online as the latest pinky tickle coming from Donald Trump in the post below. There are plenty of comments about this move on Twitter today. While the person who posted this clip believes it is a romantic moment captured between the president and the first lady, others honed in on this as anything but romantic.

The first lady's hand a hero?

Apparently, the writer from The Root sees Melania's hand doing something no one else in the Trump administration dares to do, which is go against Donald Trump.

This, in turn, makes her hand a hero for Trump's critics, or so the article from The Root suggests. They have compiled all the moves that Trump has made toward Melania's hand from attempting to tickle it with his pinky to the foiled hand-holding attempt that left him with nothing but a chunk of her sleeve between his fingers. This list of hand-holding diversions, which were allegedly orchestrated by Melania, has made her hand seem like it has a mind of its own.

They remind their readers about the hand-slapping event in Israel along with a few other incidents. They also suggest how through these diversion tactics "Melania’s hand has embodied all of us who hate this man." While it sounds as if they are praising Melania, this is not the case.

It is only her hand they put on a pedestal as if it were an entity on its own.

The writer of the article, Stephen A. Crockett Jr. actually suggests, "Melania Trump is trash, but her hand is becoming the hero we all need."

This appendage sounds powerful

For some reason, Melania's hand has become somewhat of a mascot for Trump's critics. Melania's alleged tendency to pull away from her husband's hand when he extends it her way has been talked about for the better part of a year. Up until now, it was all about what Melania wanted or how Melania felt while allegedly dismissing a hand-holding session with her husband.

Today it isn't about Melania, but her hand that supposedly has a mind of its own. What will they think of next?