As if Mackenzie Standifer hasn't been dealing with enough drama lately, Ryan Edwards just made everything a million times worse. The "Teen Mom OG" dad has been dealing with his addiction and legal issues after failing to take a drug test that ended up getting him arrested. A day before that drama started, Mackenzie announced that she is pregnant with Ryan's child only to find out that he's been picking up women on Tinder again.

Things have been bad for 'Teen Mom' couple

The latest episode of "Teen Mom OG" shows that things have been bad for Mackenzie and Ryan's marriage for a while.

Now keeping in mind that the most recent "TMOG" episode was filmed months ago, it might help explain some of these recent events and what they mean for Mackenzie and Ryan's marriage.

On the season finale, Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards got into a huge fight. While they were arguing. Ryan told Mackenzie that he wanted to separate. The fighting didn't end there.

Right now, Mackenzie and Ryan should be celebrating their first child together but it doesn't seem like a happy time for them at all. In a scene where the couple was having an ultrasound done, Ryan made it very clear that he didn't want to be there. He mumbled something about the baby looking like a boy and then complained that he wanted to leave so that he could go lay down.

On the way home, Mackenzie and Ryan fought even more. When Ryan tried to say something about his wife's attitude, she went off on him. She screamed, "You're a d**k!"

That's when Ryan announced his interest in splitting up, even if it's just temporary. 'I just don't know if I can do this with you for nine months," Ryan told his wife.

"I think we need to separate for nine months."

Ryan's legal drama

Last May, Ryan Edwards headed to rehab after his addiction to heroin was revealed. The "Teen Mom OG" star was filmed driving erratically on his way to marry Mackenzie Standifer for the first time and fans of the show freaked out about it.

Maci Bookout, whose oldest child Bentley is fathered by Ryan was understandably upset about his drug use too.

In a recent clip, Maci has said that even after rehab, she has been told that Ryan is not clean.

Despite all of Ryan's prior drama, Mackenzie has continued to stand by his side but will that always be the case? Right now, Ryan and Mackenzie's relationship is definitely at risk. It's hard to say where Mackenzie's head is at in the present moment. After all of Ryan's arrest drama, she went missing on social media and hasn't updated her blog since December 2017.