The feud between Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel went to the next level as the two traded shots on the social media heading into the weekend. In response, the Fox News host faced instant mockery.

Hannity vs Kimmel

It's no secret that the majority of celebrities out in Hollywood don't see eye to eye with Donald Trump and his supporters, including those who back the president in the right-wing media.

The latest celebrity vs Trump feud started earlier this week after late night host Jimmy Kimmel took a humorous shot at First Lady Melania Trump over her accent while reading a book to children during the White House Easter Egg Roll. Fox News host Sean Hannity wasn't pleased with Kimmel's humor, referring to him as an "a** clown." In response, Kimmel hit back on his program, resulting in Hannity then responding on his own show.

The Sean Hannity feud with Jimmy Kimmel then imploded as the two went back and forth during a series of tweets on April 6.

After Hannity referred to Kimmel as a "pervert," the late night host wasted no time hitting back, calling him "sad" and citing his support for Donald Trump and others on Fox News despite various sexual assault allegations against them. "How you treat 18 year old girls is disgusting. And your show is a failure. Game on you pervert pig.

I’ll be on this till you apologize," Hannity tweeted.

"I’m starting to think SOMEONE has a crush on me!" Jimmy Kimmel tweeted back with sarcasm.

"And Jimmy Kimmel you are also a racist bigot. #pervertkimmel," Hannity replied. "On top of being a pervert you really are dumb, even with 100 writers. I have not been partners with Disney since 2007. I’m really trying to help you here; CALL IGER! Apologize to the First Lady and I’ll stop. If not, I will NEVER stop. EVER!" Hannity went on to tweet.

Double down

Not stopping there, Jimmy Kimmel responded with mockery of Sean Hannity.

"What you don’t seem to realize is that I LOVE this. I guess it’s one of my perversions," he wrote. Hannity answered, once again comparing Kimmel to disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. "Jimmy (aka Harvey Weinstein Jr) I LOVE it that you like getting your ass kicked like this," Hannity tweeted, while adding, "I’ll keep exposing you as the pig, pervert and racist you are." As the Twitter war between Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel continues to heat up, it only highlights the wide political divide in the country between those who support Donald Trump and those who loathe him.