Khloe Kardashian was apparently full of indecision over what last name to give her baby. This came after the latest cheating scandal about Tristan Thompson broke.

This story seems to have been confirmed by a report that TMZ came out with. They point out that the name 'True' was always going to happen, but when it came to 'Thompson' being her other name, this came into some doubt. It's only natural that once she heard about the scandal, so close to her birth, that Khloe suffered some indecision over the full names of her daughter by Tristan Thompson.

Khloe Kardashian worried about naming her daughter 'Thompson'

The fact that she held off for a few days seems to be have been confirmed by TMZ who reported via sources, that there was an order placed for blankets and some other baby stuff via Petit Tresor in Beverly Hills. According to them, the order placed as the cheating scandal broke.

However, when it came to putting on the embroidery, the outlet was asked to keep a hold on it, as they were not sure TT for True Thompson would be right.

Khloe's baby is True Thompson; not an easy decision

As it took a few days before Khloe announced her and Tristan's baby name, this shows that the sources are right, and she had a hard time making a final descision.

Kardashian insiders told TMZ that "she finally decided the right thing to do was give the baby Tristan's surname."

Thompson's father is angry with Tristan

It seems that Khloe is not the only one conflicted and angry about Tristan's behaviour. His dad, Trevor Thomspon is also angry with his son. According to Life & Style, he may write a tell-all book.

After describing at all as "Good and sad..," he mentioned on Instagram that "Nothing is more sexier than loyalty!"

Fans took this to mean he was shading his son Tristan Thompson.

Multiple cheating on Khloe Kardashian

According to video and photos by both the Daily Mail and TMZ, plus earlier reports by In Touch, Tristan Thompson, baby daddy to little True Thompson, has been having multiple engagements with other women while Khloe was dealing with her pregnancy.

There were even stories going around that Khloe was so upset when she found out about Tristan cheating on her that she had to get rushed to the hospital as the baby came a bit early. Tristan was at the birth, but one wonders what Big Momma Jenner had to say to him.

Eventually, Khloe Kardashian went with the name True Thompson, but it is no surprise that she was full of indecision and conflict over the second name of her baby, given Tristan Thompson's infidelity.