Beloved director, Steven Spielberg, is taking on the superhero genre. Spielberg is joining forces with Warner Bros. to direct “Blackhawk.” This is the director’s first feature to involve characters from the DC Extended Universe.

Spielberg most recently directed “Ready Player One,” which continues to make money at the box office. It has grossed $476 million globally, following its release last month. Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich said they are proud and excited to be working with Spielberg again and can’t wait to see where he takes this story.

Spielberg is working with familiar faces

According to Variety, “Blackhawkscreenplay is written by Spielberg collaborator David Koepp. Koepp has written several screenplays for Spielberg directed films including “Jurassic Park,” “The Lost World,” “War of the Worlds,” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” The film will be produced under the Amblin Entertainment label.

Spielberg worked with Warner Bros. to create “Ready Player One,” which continues to draw a crowd. Spielberg later said that he enjoyed working with Warner Bros., because they bring passion and professionalism to their work and have a rich history in the superhero genre.

“Blackhawk” focuses on a group of World War II fighter pilots who are led by the mysterious Blackhawk.

Spielberg’s other comic book adaption film was 2011’s “The Adventures of Tintin.” “Blackhawk,” combines the DC universe with a World War II theme, which has been used as a backdrop for five of his past films.

Spielberg will have his hands full over the next few years

Yahoo reports that Spielberg will also be helming the fifth installment of his popular "Indiana Jones" franchise and later, "West Side Story." Spielberg has become the first director in history to generate $10 billion worldwide in his lifetime.

It’s unclear when Spielberg will begin shooting “Blackhawk,” but Warner Bros. has time to flesh out the project before Spielberg takes over the reins.

Blackhawk,” was originally published by Quality Comics and later by DC. Chuck Cuidera created the comics, with the help of Bob Powell and Will Eisner. “Blackhawk,” faces off against fantasy villains such as King Condor and Killer Shark.

At its peak, it outsold every comic book except for Superman. DC originally acquired the Blackhawks in 1956 and was later reimagined by the New 52 as a modern government task force. While the series is not well known to current moviegoers, it’s a perfect match for Spielberg. Spielberg is expected to lean towards the wartime storyline rather than New 52’s angle.