Just a few days ago, Khloe Kardashian was on cloud nine. She was "bored" in Cleveland as she awaited the birth of her first child with Tristan Thompson, the love of her life. Now, Khloe's world has come crashing down after two different videos show Tristan kissing and flirting with other women.

It all started when a shocking video of Tristan and another woman at a New York City club surfaced earlier this week. He was seen chatting it up and then kissing a mystery woman while trying to keep his face covered by a hoodie. As if that wasn't bad enough, more footage surfaced from another tryst back in October.

With reports that Tristan has been cheating on Khloe for nearly their entire relationship, it's pretty understandable that Khloe's heart is broken.

Khloe's next move

The timing of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal couldn't be worse either. Right now, Khloe could go into labor at any time and she's under quite a bit of stress. That hasn't stopped the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star from making plans to move on, though.

As Blasting News previously reported, insiders claim that Khloe Kardashian is already planning to leave Tristan Thompson and move in with her mom, Kris Jenner. That will give her some help with the new baby and some time to figure out what to do about her current situation.

In addition, it looks like Khloe is already taking the needs of her Unborn Baby girl into consideration. Khloe reportedly never wants to see Tristan's face again and that could make co-parenting really hard. With the help of her legal team, it looks like Khloe may not have to.

“Khloe is going for full legal and primary custody of her daughter,” a source told Radar Online.

If Khloe Kardashian gets her wish, she'll be the sole decision maker for her daughter and the baby girl will also live with her. Whether or not Tristan Thompson even gets visitation would be something that a judge decides. He likely would be allowed to see his daughter since there was no physical abuse reported but even then, Khloe literally would never have to see his face in person ever again if that is what she really wants.

'KUWTK' star never wants to see Tristan again

“She, literally, wants nothing to do with him for the rest of her life and, as of right now, she does not want her baby to even know him at all. She is never going to fall for another basketball player again,” the source told Radar.

Many "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans wondered if Khloe would even stay in Cleveland to give birth now. Being so close to her due date, she will reportedly stick around but as soon as she has her baby girl, Khloe is headed back to L.A. to be with her family.

Normally, Khloe would speak up on social media amid crazy rumors but so far, she and the rest of the Kardashians and Jenners have stayed silent. They are reportedly already gathering around Khloe in an effort to show their love and support. She is crushed by the news that Tristan was hooking up with other women.